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Dear Parents,

I am Flora Goldenberg, Professional Tour guide in Paris curating Family tours in Paris

I decided years ago to help my visitors (especially families with children) find the best places to visit in Paris, choose the best tours and book the tour guides who are perfect for kids,

During your stay in Paris with kids, I will be helping you by phone email before your arrival to make things easier before we meet in person .

As a tour guide, and a caring mother, I really want the best for my family as much as you. So do not hesitate to give me feedback to improve my services for us and others in the future !

Here is the best options below, read them and then I will let you decide what is right for you and your family

I hope you enjoy reading my blog !

Send me an email to say hi,

ask me all your questions about visiting Paris with a family,

I will answer you ūüôā

Guided Tours in Paris with kids & things to do with kids in Paris

My Guided tours in Paris for a Family with children


The tour is about the history of Israel in the Louvre : A visit of the Louvre from a curious angle.

Your guide will explain the history of Israel while visiting the masterpieces of a classic Louvre tour.

You will discover the oldest ever mention of Israel, the fascinating story of the Crusader period, how and why the country was disputed by Syria and Egypt.

We will see Jerusalem through the eyes of many painters and many surprises will wait for you during this visit.

For children : age of 6 to 13 

I highly recommend a combination of Jewish quest in le Marais for children with a colorful booklet & a Louvre Jewish Tour

The Louvre Jewish Tour

The Louvre Jewish Tour

A Jewish Quests in the streets of le Marais Made for children

SCAVENGER HUNT / A TREASURE HUNT / Booklet with questions for young kids

Louvre, Le Marais … we have designed themed games for kids, depending on their age, in a lot of places in Paris.

 A scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt with surprises on the way and medals to earn, adapted for kids.

The game focus on a subject that the kids love :

Israel, The jewish history, the Roman Empire, The french history and renaissance, the Italian Paintings, the Da Vinci Code, The Ancient Egypt and Pharaos …

Kids have to answer questions (adapted to their age) and find clues like little detectives in the Louvre, Notre Dame …

This method helps them enjoy the tour and focus on the knowledge they are absorbing in a fun way.

Kids keep a good souvenir of the biggest museum in the world and remember this tour vividly.

Sometimes, kids send their drawing of me when they are back to USA as they enjoyed their time in the museum and that’s why I love doing this tour

 Age of 12 to 18

Treasure hunt Tour Louvre

Treasure hunt Tour Louvre


We can rent bike and helmets, then take a safe tour in the city, in beautiful charming area adapted for bikes. We will use the special bike lanes in the tour to discover the main monuments with stops to eat, to talk about the history of Paris, the urban evolution, the culture of this amazing city, the beautiful landmarks and architecture .


 Age of 10 to 16

Versailles bike tour

Versailles bike tour

For Mother-Daughter time in Paris

I am inspired by a visitor question to have a special mother daughter time in Paris and here are my ideas ( thanks to my visitor Hilary who suggests interesting ideas ) :
Flora Tour Guide Paris

Flora Goldenberg – Tour Guide Paris

1 – The flea market
The flea market is a good choice and nice place and there are really nice vintage shops with lots of Chanel, and other designers clothes, shoes and jewelry, as well as vintage furniture, and lots of fun shops.
There are 2 very good restaurants next to the flea market : One was designed by Philippe Starck, and it is called Ma Cocotte. The other one, a traditional food bistrot with a charming parisian ambiance, is called the Paul Bert , and if you saw the movie Midnight in Paris, some of the movie scenes were shot there.
Please note that the flea markets are open only on saturdays and sundays. 
Flea market tour Paris

Flea market tour Paris

2 РFood Markets 
There are lots of great food markets in Paris. It will be fun to do with you daughter.
The ones I recommend are :
– the food markets on Rue Montorgueil (mornings from Tuesdays to Sundays)
– the food markets on Rue Mouffetard (mornings from Tuesdays to Sundays)
Рthe food markets at Maubert Mutualité (every Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday Mornings)
РMarché des Enfant Rouge is the market where I buy my food as it is next to my place , where you can also have a delicious lunch with only organic food ! ( open all day from Tuesdays to Saturdays, and only Sundays mornings).
If the weather is nice, you can enjoy a tour with Benjamin, and a nice picnic in a parc or by the river in Sully,
with the food from the markets (It is a very Parisian thing to do !) 


3 РPictures time in Trendy Cafés in Paris
You can also have a very good tea or a delicious hot chocolate and pastry at these places :
РLocals go to Le loire dans la théière, amazing tarts and lots of different teas
РTry one of the beautiful Palaces in Paris, like the Ritz, or the Meurice, or Plaza Athénée to see the beautiful french architectures
– try the famous hot chocolate at Angelina
Cafe in Rue des Rosiers

Cafe in Rue des Rosiers

4 – A cooking class
with food markets (it would actually combine both). You should look at this website. Their classes are great : 
Cooking class with a tour guide

Cooking class with a tour guide

¬†5 –¬†A fashion tour at Legeron,
an amazing little atelier, where they still make flowers and feathers for the Haute Couture (everything is done by hand, and you can see all the steps in making these). They make the Camellias for Chanel for example, or fleowers for Louboutin shoes etc.
Ask me for the “Meeting the French Tour”
Fashion tour Paris

Fashion : Meeting the French Tour in Paris


We will go in Montmartre to discover the artistic neighborhood in Paris . We can visit the Artists square where kids can ask the painters to make a funny caricature of them and keep a nice souvenir !

montmartr tour tour guide paris

Montmartre tour

For all ages


We can visit the Palace of Versailles in the morning and hear about the life of a King and a Queen of France. Lots of fun story and anecdotes to hear about their life in the the 17th and 18th centuries.

In the afternoon, you can rent bicycles in the gardens, see the fountains show, and visit the Petit Trianon (Marie Antoinette’s palace) and the hamlets of the Queen (amazing village with cute houses, its bridges and watermills, and the farm of Marie Antoinette).

I advise ou to take a Uber, a Cab or the Train to go there together

Or if you wish we can book a private driver with van for the day

When contacting me, please let me know how many you are to advise you better for the transportation means

Versailles - Paris with Kids Tours

Versailles – Paris with Kids Tours

For all ages

For all ages :

Organic Food markets, Flea Markets, Picnics in Luxembourg Gardens

Paris picnic

Paris picnic


Here are all the markets I recommend for the Fresh Organic Healthy food in my area , le Marais Jewish Quarter :

Market NameProductsArrondissementLocalisation AddressDAYS
MARCH√Č SAINT-HONOREOrganic fresh Food1stplace du March√© Saint Honor√© sur les trottoirs de la voie situ√©e cot√© pairWednesday, Thursday
MARCH√Č LES HALLESOrganic fresh Food1strue Montmartre sur la chauss√©e entre les rue de Turbigo et du JourThursday, Sunday
MARCH√Č BOURSEOrganic fresh Food2ndplace de la Bourse, en vis √† vis des 27 et 29 rue VivienneTuesday and Friday
MARCH√Č AUX OISEAUX CITEBirds4thPlace Louis L√©pine (sous les auvents du march√© aux fleurs)Sunday
MARCH√Č AUX FLEURS CITEFlours4thPlace Louis L√©pine et Quai de la CorseEveryday
MARCH√Č BAUDOYEROrganic fresh Food4thplace BaudoyerWednesday , Saturday
MARCH√Č MONGEOrganic fresh Food5thplace MongeWednesday Friday Sunday
MARCH√Č PORT-ROYALOrganic fresh Food5thboulevard de Port Royal, le long du Val de Gr√ĘceTuesday Thursday Saturday
MARCH√Č MAUBERTOrganic fresh Food5thplace MaubertTuesday Thursday Saturday
MARCH√Č RASPAILOrganic fresh Food6thterre-plein du boulevard entre les rues de Rennes et du Cherche MidiTuesday Friday
MARCH√Č BIOLOGIQUE RASPAILOrganic fresh Food6thterre-plein du boulevard entre les rues de Rennes et du Cherche MidiSaunday


For All markets , here is a map I made :


The Medicine Tour of Paris : Evolution of science in Paris 

Medicine tour with a Jewish tour guide in Paris

Medicine tour with a Jewish tour guide in Paris

We will start with the general History of Paris at the beautiful botanic gardens in the heart of Paris called : Jardin des Plantes, next to the trendy Saint Germain area.

During the Medicine Tour, we will visit the Parisian Garden of Plants, which is the main botanical garden in all France, then the beautiful Latin Quarter to see the University area in the heart of Paris, (and a visit to the Museum of Medicine History, depending on the opening days of the museum)

‚ÄúH√īpital‚ÄĚ is French for hospital. It is an old word borrowed from Latin ‚ÄúHospitńĀlis‚ÄĚ which means hospice or shelter. Hospitals in Paris were, at first, shelters. Thanks to the Parisian physicians, their functions in Paris evolved rapidly during the last centuries.

We will discover how the hospitals evolved from a simple caritative, religious shelter, a refuge for pelgrim to a hub for famous discoveries and experiences that helped Humanity on the Planet and provided great insights about our anatomy.
This progress was not easy : I will tell you stories about the struggle with the church and the old french society, anecdotes about the Medicine at the Royal French Court, amusing tales about famous Kings injuries and how doctors treated their Kings, amazing medical discoveries in Paris, like Pasteur and his vaccination, pasteurization. We will see how limited were the tools for medical exploration during the middle ages, and how brilliant was the creativity and the talent of the doctors …

We will also see and talk about the different Paris buildings architectures, and how the hospital architecture evolved to adapt to its new functions.

We will go and walk in the beautiful Latin Quarter and see the University of Medicine of Paris, and we will talk about the actual situation, and how the doctors roles and perception evolved till today !

We will finish the visit with the Museum of¬†Medicine¬†History ‚Ästavailable only on certain days ‚ÄstThe museum is near the University, and I will recommend you some places to visit on your own in Paris


Arts et Metiers Museums :

Craziest inventions of the previous centuries are displayed for little curious minds

Learning tours for kids in Paris

Learning tours for kids in Paris

For more activities suited for you and your family :

contact me by Email : or Whatsapp +33616304735


See you in Paris

See you in Paris

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Transportation : If you land in Charles de Gaulles Airport / Orly Airport 

TRAIN¬† ‚ā¨

You can take the train RER B from the Charles de Gaulles to go to Paris Center. The train is the cheapest option. It is considered safe and costs about 10,30 euros for adults and 7 euro for children, to come to Paris Center then you have to switch to the metro to get to your hotel.

Use RATP public services to get a free map. You can buy tickets at any metro gate. it costs about 1.90 euro. Or buy 10 tickets for a good price ( it is called Carnet in french ) a city pass Navigo for the stay.

From Orly, there is a special Orly Bus to come Paris ( Metro station is Denfert-Rochereau) where you can switch to Metro. You can also use the train ( which is a more complicated way as you need to take the Train T7 to catch the RER C and then carefully choose the right train with destination “Paris Saint Michel”)

Please make sure that you buy tickets only and the metro gates with the RATP officials, they wear green uniforms and very kind to help visitors in Paris. Or use the Automated machines. Don’t buy tickets from strangers.

Taxi, Uber¬†‚ā¨‚ā¨

But, If you want an easier option, you can take a driver for an airport pick-up or use Uber, or use the taxi lane.

Please, avoid to ride with strangers who doesn’t have the official taxi license or VTC license. Verify the taxi green light above the vehicule.

¬†Personal Driver¬†‚ā¨‚ā¨‚ā¨

I recommend Sam, as he is a professional private driver with a Mercedes comfortable van (Class V 7 seats ) suitable for families with kids.

He will wait for you at the gates, help you with all the luggages and the stroller … bring you to the hotel comfortably.

Sam is very friendly, safe and a comfortable driver.

He will use your flight information and come to pick you up at the arrival gates on time and then help with everything you need, take you to the Hotel doors,

You can even ask him to tour a little bit around the famous monuments and beautiful landmark on your way to the hotel.

Transportation : If you come from le Havre

OPTION 1 : Train TGV SNCF ‚ā¨‚ā¨‚ā¨

OPTION 2 : Book a Personal Driver¬†‚ā¨‚ā¨‚ā¨

Day trips from Paris with Flora & Sam

Sam the driver with his Mercedes car for Airport Pick ups

Sam is professional, high quality driver and works for prestigious clients.

He can provide services like Airport Pick-up at the arrival gates, he can stay at your entire disposal by the hour or the entire day, or organize city tours with him, day trips from Paris …¬†

contact me by Email : or Whatsapp +33616304735

Flora Tour Guide in Paris with Livia

Flora Tour Guide in Paris with Livia

Remember that this is just my personal honest opinion

– 2 – Safety & Health in Paris with Kids

 Paris is considered one of the safest cities in Europe, statistically speaking. I myself lived all my life in Paris and felt safe even very late at night.

But I also need to tell you that I lived and toured in these safe neighbourhoods in Paris where you can also choose to stay in and discover :

Le Marais is by far is the most beautiful area, the oldest, this is where I live and I do my jewish tours. It is very safe, with security cameras everywhere, military and police presence.

Paris 1st, Paris 2nd, Paris 5th, Paris 16th are very safe too.

Health and Security Phone Numbers

if you have kids with you in Paris or if you are pregnant :

For Pregnants : send me an email and I will try to give you the best restaurants depending on your diet

For Parents : Take note of these phone numbers on paper, and it works better using a French sim card :

SOS Police : 17  Or 911

SOS Medic ( or SAMU in French) : 15

SOS Fireman : 18

SOS Pediatrician : 1016 ( Not sure if it works from a non-french sim card) . Website : click here 

Personally I call my pediatrician Dr. Pierre Bitoun first ( for babies and newborns )

(He lives in Le Marais. He is really good with communication, he can help find a good medical advice or an available colleague. He speaks very good english as he is member of the American Academy of Pediatricians)

Download Doctolib 

Parisians use also this app : Doctolib but it is in French , It allows you to take appointments easily with the specialists and doctors

For Pregnant who want a Ultrasound in Paris :

For an “echography” or Ultrasound at Od√©on, Paris Adresse :126 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris
Téléphone : 0033 1 44 47 08 13

I know how stressed we can be with the pregnancy during a travel, so tell me if you need help to take the appointment. I wish you the best !

For a friendly birthing coach who speaks english : Lucile REBEIROT (my personal coach) 

Address : 23 Rue Montorgueil, 75001 Paris

Phone : 0033 7 86 83 31 29

Important legal mention :

These are my personal opinions issued from my experience with my baby and in any case, I can not tell you what to do medically as I am only a tour guide in Paris and not habilitated for medical help.

I must say thought, that if you need medical help, call the emergency numbers of France mentioned above, they will help you very efficiently.

Health care is free for only Residents but they will help you first and ask you later.

All the doctors are very capable in Paris and they are all well qualified

You can trust the public health system in Paris or you can privilege the private health care for a faster intervention.


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