Driver for Pick-up Airport Hotel and City tour in Paris

Professional Driver in Paris


I am Flora, a tour guide in Paris.

Today, I want to present to you a good driver in Paris that I have been working with for the last 9 years.

Are you looking for a reliable Driver in Paris? with a safe and roomy car for 6 people?



I present to you the driver Samuel.

Samuel is an independent driver in Paris, offering a courteous chauffeur service.

You can hire Sam for the Airport Pick-up in Paris.

On the way to Paris Hotel, Sam can drive you around the city streets to see the monuments.

You can also hire him as a driver for the Car tour of Paris.

For the departure, with a drop-off at the airport gates, Sam can come pick-you up and help you with your luggage.

Sam also offers his driver service for hire by the hour or by the day, to go on a day trip in France.


Private driver in Paris 2022

1-Few words from Sam


I am Sam ! I have worked as a driver for more than 20 years.

I was born and raised in Paris. I speak English & French. I hold a special VTC Tourism permit in Paris.

Paris is my home city and I know the city streets very well. I am experienced with the classic circuit of Paris Car Tour.

I have been working with tour guides, with Parisian hotels as a personal driver for a long time.

I am now the owner of a human-sized company Limo Premium Services formed with 2 trusted partners & drivers operating with 3 Mercedes cars:

Class S (2seats) + Class E (4seats) + Class V (6 seats).

I can organize and operate transportation for sensitive material : Film crew, gifts made of glass or medical materials / non-emergency passengers.

I can organize a group transportation for an international business conference or congress in Paris

My accreditation gives me the advantage to ensure a group transportation for 6 people and more. I can have an airport parking access for a quick pick-up or drop off, very close to the gates to load the luggage easily.

I can avoid the traffic jams in Paris center and I can drive on the narrow streets of the Paris historical center.

I will be happy to meet you in Paris with Flora.

Best regards,

Sam. “

Hire driver in Paris

2-Paris Chauffeur service

Airport Pick-up

  • Safe and punctual
  • 6 passengers
  • 4 big suitcases
  • Gate pick-up

It is possible to hire me as your personal driver to wait for you at the Airport arrival gates.

I will kindly help you with the luggage, the stroller, the bags and anything you need!

Take the time to sit and relax in my roomy Mercedes car.

I will drive you safely to your Paris hotel.

I operate with both international airports of Paris : Charle de Gaules airport and Orly airport.

Car tour Paris: Driver + Guide

You can hire Sam + Flora for a nice complete car tour in Paris.

I will come pick you up with my Mercedes van. We will take you on an easy comfortable journey to see all Paris. You can hop off and on with your tour guide Flora to get inside a monument or to take pictures.

What is the Car Tour of Paris?

The car tour Paris is a roadshow, following a classic circuit in Paris center to see all the landmarks and the monuments. We refined our Car tour of Paris through the last 9 years and we keep updating the circuit to avoid the traffic jams and to add new stops.

The advantages of the Car tour with a Driver + Guide:

  • Hire a professional VTC Driver, accustomed to cruise the city tour circuit. The driver can wait for us while we hop off the car. He can borrow the special lanes of the historical center and see more sites, more closely.
  • Hire a professional tour guide to get real explanations. Clear english accent. Dedicated guide.
  • Air Conditioned and roomy comfortable vehicle. German quality car. Silent engines. Extra leg room. Family friendly. Safe and secured.
    • Mercedes Van for 6 people
    • Classy car Mercedes Class S for 2 people

Please read our detailed Car tour Paris itinerary on this link.

Hire a driver for a departure from Paris

You can hire me to come help you with your departure. I will come on time in front of your hotel and help you load the luggages. We will head to the international airport and accompany you to the departure gates. I will make sure that everything goes smoothly. Have a nice flight!

Oh, only for your departure and for an additional fee, I offer an exclusive fast track in partnership with the CDG Airport only. This is a priority access to skip the line like a steward at the Airport . You can ask Flora by email:

More options

Pick up at the Train station of Le Havre: My services include also transfers from Train Station like le Havre to Paris.

I also organize day trips from Paris to see the country side of France. My best ideas for these small Paris getaways is to go see Normandy, Landing beaches, amercian cemetry, the most beautiful village of France, Beaune village, the Burgundy region, Brittany, Le Havre, Bordeaux, Loire, Giverny, Claude Monet’s Flower house and many more to see in France…

If you are in Paris for only a layover, then you can go on my page : Paris Layover Tour (Duration 2h to 7h)

I can also help you organize your transportation for a group of more than 6 people with my partner.

Please book in advance with Flora and I will be happy to assist you during all your stay in France.

My qualities are

Courtesy. Punctuality. Safety.

Samuel - Driver in Paris

Fully-equipped car

I installed a Mini refrigerator on board to keep the Evian bottled water, a box of organic Juice, and snacks. 

I have installed a free wifi in the car that works with the 4G network everywhere we go.

Bluetooth? Sure. Just, plug your music.

Water & Snacks like a classy uber.

All phones and USB chargers for my travelers.

Samuel is friendly, helpful and very polite

The cars are regularly maintained.

I respect the State rules for car hygiene and disinfect the car before and after each use.

I have:

  • Mercedes Van Class V: 6 to 7 seats : The van is roomy and very comfortable. Ideal for a family.
  • Mercedes Class E: Classy. She is perfect for a Business meeting in Paris
  • Mercedes Class S 4 seats: Luxurious interior. She is ideal for a romantic honeymoon in Paris

Reviews of Sam

What I like about Sam is that you are always treated like a beloved guest in his car. We have worked together for more than 9 years now. He has good manners, he is polite and kind, and his smile puts everyone at ease. He is respectful, punctual, and discrete. His ride is safe. Sam is a real professional.

His small team:

I recommend him and his associates. He offers a follow-up and personalized service for every client.

Sam works with the top quality drivers in Paris. He is a genuine team leader, very organized, always professional. He puts his clients’ safety and comfort above anything else.

Sam drives to Normandy:

The visitors can visit the American cemetery with Sam. He can drive to the Allied forces landing beaches, to the bunkers of the Germans and see lots of other amazing sights and landscapes of Etretat, Normandy. He knows the region very well.

How to contact us

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It is easy to book Sam: you can contact us here and we will help you:

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    Best regards,

    Flora Goldenberg

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