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About Flora Goldenberg

My name is Flora Goldenberg and I am a Professional Tour Guide in Paris, Licensed by the State

I am 30 year old, born and raised in Paris.

I grew up in Le Marais neighborhood, in the heart of a Jewish quarter in Paris, in a Parisian Jewish family.

I feel very close to my Jewish origins and history. So I decided to reveal the amazing Jewish Heritage of my Paris and France, through the jewish sites and historical landmarks, the beautiful architecture and cute shops in le Marais.

I started touring with my mother at the age of 22, and I really enjoy my job as I have the chance to meet very interesting people and share my knowledge and my experiences with them during my different jewish walking tours of Paris.

I keep myself informed to talk about the actual jewish situation. I teach children ( 6 to 18 ) in the memorial about the Shoah and discuss my own personal experiences as a jewish guide in Paris with my curious visitors, I organize visits into beautiful little synagogues of the neighborhood thanks to the help of my community.

I will make sure to tell you first hand stories that you would never find in a travel guide book !

See my tours and ideas for your stay in Paris on this link. I am also curating family friendly tours in Paris. You can see my tours for Paris with kids and teenagers on this link.


Tel :  +33787082577

I accept Whatsapp texts or calls  : 9 am to 10 pm  ( Paris Time )

jewish tour paris


1. More about me :

After 5 years studying history and art at the Sorbonne University, I decided to become a guide in Paris. Why? Many reasons pulled me to do this amazing job :

The city of Paris is very beautiful, it is my passion and I couldn’t think of a better way to reveal everything that Paris can offer.

I must confess that my mother, Léontine Cohen, who was a tour guide in Paris for 25 years, gave me the pleasure of sharing and exchanging my knowledge with others, trained me to be a good tour guide in Paris, to be humble and listen, she transmitted to me the importance of sustaining the memory.

My origins are very important to me, and this is why I wanted to specialize in Jewish Heritage Tours in Paris.

In the Sorbonne University, they teach you a little about the jewish history of France : It is my everyday mission to learn deeply about the history of jews in France, read about the facts, check the stories, attend expo in museums, stay up to date so I can reveal all the links to our actual situation today. From anti-Semitism, war, beautiful synagogues, architecture wanders, creative jewish artists, influential political families, big donations to the Louvre : You will discover everything you need to know, so, please : fire away all your questions during your tour !

I love to share my opinions and enjoy a debate about the actual jewish situation in France.

For your stay in Paris : I will give only but good advice that you would need during your stay in Paris, to help you with your family needs , or to find a hotel or a Kosher restaurant, think of surprises and romantic ideas for your partner … as well as any other orientation questions that you have about Paris and the Jewish Paris Life. Ask me anything by email !

When I travel, I always look for new jewish tours ( “Jewish tour addict”), even in far places from Israel, like Brazil or Tunisia with the Miraculous Synagogue of Ghriba and of course in more usual towns like Amsterdam, Rome, Jerusalem … I found great Jewish tours everywhere ! I must confess, my list is still short… but I am counting on exploring the jewish heritage of every city I visit !

Many of my guests told me about the cities they visited and I am really interested in hearing about yours, if you like jewish tours as well. Thanks to the visitors feedbacks, we can all have better plans for our travels, and preserve the jewish heritage and its beauty around the world.

You can contact me by email, to share your experience and travels ideas with me, or if you want a short list of recommended jewish tour guides in these cities I have been visiting…

2. My Education & Expertise :

2011 – Licence to guide as “Guide Conférencière” by the state

  • 5 Years : Master in Art & History at the University of Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris III
  • 1 Year : Special Training for the Tour Guide Licence ( the card allows me to guide you in the Louvre )
  • 8 Years experience as a private tour guide in Paris with several agencies ( Louvre, Versailles, Walking tours in Montmartre , Latin Quarter Tour … )

2014 : Holocaust Memorial of Paris and Drancy Memorial

  • 5 Years with the Holocaust Memorial :
    • Participated in workshops about the Shoah history,
    • I provided Tours for kids, Teenagers, Family groups,
    • I attended the Shoah survivors testimonies, expositions, main political events …

Flora Tour Guide Paris Specialized in Jewish Tours in Paris

Flora Tour Guide Paris – Specialized in Jewish Tours in Paris – Documents of the Shoah in Amsterdam

3. My Quality Assurance & personal Services :

  • First, I check for you the booking dates, in order to avoid last minute surprises !
    • We will avoid the jewish holidays and Shabbats for the walking tours in Le Marais because during the jewish holidays, most of the stores and synagogues are closed for the public. Some of them are open for prayers though. Check with me by email.
    • I check if the museums are open when you come to Paris before your confirmation
    • It is better to tell me in advance your special requests ( Only possible for Private Tours ) 
      • Prayers, Calendars, access, Seder  … 
      • Diets : Glatt Kosher, allergies …
      • Your pace : long walks, back pain, mobility,
    • I also tour with families with children, so please ask me in advance to prepare your tour with questions to interact with kids and teenagers, depending on their ages
      • Booklets, treasure hunts and little surprise gifts are on the program
    • For couples, I can help organize special romantic trip outside of Paris, in my favorite hotels, depending on the season and the budget.
      • These trips are very comfortable : the driver is a professional, he has a Mercedes Van and will pick you up at the hotel and stay at your disposal for the whole day. However, the budget for these trips are above average, if you go with the private driver. So ask me by email for a customized plan.
      • I can buy train tickets because in France using the train is very safe and reduce the cost. You can go literally everywhere with the train network of France
  • I help with :
    • Airport Pick-ups, Day trips from Paris, ideas for itineraries …
    • Answers questions about Kosher Restaurants, Glatt Kosher, Shabbat, or any recommendation for your stay in Paris
    • planning a tour with a trusted great jewish tour guides
    • Organize round tables with a jewish tour guide and historian
  • I have a Licence to guide as a Guide Conférencière in France (All Paris Region Normandie, Champagne …)
    • The tours are highly regulated by the state of France
    • Guides must have a licence to guide in the museums and in the Chateau de Versailles so please check with your guide this information before booking
  • In all my tours, I make sure to share happily with you my knowledge and my interests about the fascinating Jewish Heritage in Paris

Don’t hesitate to ask : available on whatsapp : + 33 6 16 30 47 35 or email :

Flora Goldenberg Jewish Tours in Paris

Flora Goldenberg – Tour Guide –  Jewish Tours in Paris

Some of my Reviews

4. The Goldenberg Family

History of a jewish french family in Paris 

My grandfather, Joe Goldenberg, opened the famous Goldenberg restaurant before the beginning of the World War II.

He opened a restaurant but also a meeting place for the Holocaust survivors and the former resistance fighters :

Many of eastern European Jews arrived during the 19th century. They became the focus of Nazi round-ups during the occupation of Paris in the second world war.

Joe survived the waves of deportations that hit Paris at that time. He escaped the horrors of the German occupation. Unfortunately his sisters did not get the same luck as more than half of the local Jewish community who died in concentration camps. Read more 

A lot of the neighborhood merchants tell me in the street that the Goldenberg restaurant was an attraction and made a very pleasant jewish atmosphere at night

A visitor from Chicago, during the jewish tour of Le Marais, told me that he remembers my grandfather and his restaurant.

A symbol of revival in the late 70’s : 

In the restaurant, Jewish delicatessen and food attracted many visitors during the 70’s. The restaurant facade is until now protected by Paris City and UNESCO as it belongs to the Parisian Jewish Heritage.

The beautiful yellow facade will be renovated but never change. You can use google live street view to see it.

In 2019, I found some few postcard with the pictures of the restaurant that we can see in the jewish boutiques of Rue des Rosiers.

After War in the middle east, In 1982, the restaurant was targeted in a grenade and gun attack in which six people were killed and 22 injured. Read more

Today, Le Marais and especially the Jewish neighborhood is the safest place in Paris.

The attack was a retaliation after a lost war in the middle east

Few years after the attack, Joe packed up the business but his namesake lives on as an emblem of Jewish heritage here in the “Pletzl”, which yiddish for “Little Place”. Read more 

My mother’s family is Dutch. They also have a long story in Amsterdam.

My grandparents from my mother’s side are Dutch.

They gave their testimonies to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

My cousins wrote a book about our grandparents, the genealogy, the holocaust stories from the horrors of the hunt, the police corruption, the occupation of Amsterdam … It is amazing the things we learn from our family history, and how much it is still applicable to our today’s lives !

Joe Goldenberg - Rare picture of him in front of the Restaurant Goldenberg

Joe Goldenberg – Rare picture of him in front of the Restaurant Goldenberg

My Grand Mother Documents

My grandmother’s rare original documents during the Shoah

flora goldenberg private tour guide paris

Flora Goldenberg in front of the Goldenberg Restaurant


Commemorative plate about  the Goldenberg’s Restaurant Attacks : Translation :

Translation in English : Commemorative Plaque about Goldenberg’s Restaurant Attacks ” Anti Semite Terrorist Attack, August 9th 1982, in the restaurant Goldenberg a Gun Shootout erupted with a Grenade Explosion that Killed 6 people and injured 22 . in the Memory of :Mohamed Benemmon André Hezkia Niego Grace Cuter Anne Van Zanien Denise Guerche Rossignol Georges Demeter , Victims of Terrorism ” 

5. My Mother Léontine was a Tour guide in Paris for 25 years

she decided to follow her dream became an official guide in Jerusalem :

My mother is a professional guide who inspired me into designing the Jewish tour in Paris, since I was 22. She is a great guide and mentor. She is born Dutch, originally from Amsterdam and lived in Paris since the 80s.

I became a professional tour guide with license at a young age thanks to her advice and her “guidance”. My mother cares a lot about the Jewish diaspora, the Shoah and the Jewish Life, everywhere.

 Some pictures of Léontine during her grouped jewish walking tour in Paris ( in Summer 2018 ) :

Léontine Cohen - Tour guide for the Jewish Tour in Paris

Léontine Cohen – Tour guide for the Jewish Tour in Paris – 2018

Léontine Cohen - during a Jewish Tour in Paris

Léontine Cohen – during a Jewish Tour in Paris – Shoah Memorial 2018

You can book here and ask me questions, I will be happy to help :

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