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Jewish Louvre

Duration : 3 Hours to 4 hours

Languages : English  + Hebrew

Exclusive Tour with Goldenberg

The tour is about the history of Israel in the Louvre : A visit of the Louvre from a curious angle.

I will explain the history of Israel while visiting the masterpieces of a classic Louvre tour.

You will discover the oldest ever mention of Israel, the fascinating story of the Crusader period, how and why the country was disputed by Syria and Egypt.

We will see Jerusalem through the eyes of many painters and many surprises will wait for you during this visit.

Possible Combination :

As the Jewish Walking tour is not far away from the Louvre, you can combine the 2 tours in Le Marais :

The #1 Jewish Walking Tour

+ a tour inside the Louvre about the Kingdom of Israel, the History of Judaism, the famous art collections and donations, the Jewish artists and of course the Jewish life in Paris

+ conversation about the Nowadays situation of Jews in France …

and many more.

The Louvre Jewish Tour

The Louvre Jewish Tour : a Jewish Marriage Painting inside the Louvre Museum

You can read about Flora Goldenberg here

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I designed for Families in Paris with Kids or Tennagers, click here.

Contact Flora for the Louvre guided Tour :

 Email : Flora.Goldenberg@gmail.com or Whatsapp +33616304735


Jewish Belleville Walking Tour in Paris 

Duration : 3 Hours 

Languages : English  + Hebrew

Exclusive Tour with Flora or Eden

You will have the chance to be in the company of a jewish Musician and, at the same time, an expert tour guide.

With your tour guide, you will discover the jewish heritage of Paris, away from le Marais, to discover some jewish landmarks in Belleville and get inside small secret synagogues of the new Jewish Quarter of Paris in Belleville, taste some jewish food : Yiddish and North African food on the walk

Jewish tour of Belleville

Dynamic Jewish Neighborhood of Belleville

 Email : Flora.Goldenberg@gmail.com or Whatsapp +33787082577


Medecine Tour

Duration : 3 Hours 

Languages : English  + Français

Exclusive Tour with Flora

We will start with the general History of Paris at the beautiful botanic gardens in the heart of Paris called : Jardin des Plantes.

During the Medicine Tour, we will visit the Parisian Garden of Plants, which is the main botanical garden in all France, then the beautiful Latin Quarter to see the University area in the heart of Paris, (and a visit to the Museum of Medicine History, depending on the opening days of the museum)

“Hôpital” is French for hospital. It is an old word borrowed from Latin “Hospitālis” which means hospice or shelter. Hospitals in Paris were, at first, shelters. Thanks to the Parisian physicians, their functions in Paris evolved rapidly during the last centuries.

We will discover how the hospitals evolved from a simple caritative, religious shelter, a refuge for pelgrim to a hub for famous discoveries and experiences that helped Humanity on the Planet and provided great insights about our anatomy.
This progress was not easy : I will tell you stories about the struggle with the church and the old french society, anecdotes about the Medicine at the Royal French Court, amusing tales about famous Kings injuries and how doctors treated their Kings, amazing medical discoveries in Paris, like Pasteur and his vaccination, pasteurization. We will see how limited were the tools for medical exploration during the middle ages, and how brilliant was the creativity and the talent of the doctors …

We will also see and talk about the different Paris buildings architectures, and how the hospital architecture evolved to adapt to its new functions.

We will go and walk in the beautiful Latin Quarter and see the University of Medicine of Paris, and we will talk about the actual situation, and how the doctors roles and perception evolved till today !

We will finish the visit with the Museum of Medicine History – available only on certain days – The museum is near the University, and I will recommend you some places to visit on your own in Paris

Medicine tour with a Jewish tour guide in Paris

Medicine tour with a Jewish tour guide in Paris


 Email : Flora.Goldenberg@gmail.com or Whatsapp +33787082577

4. Help by Email 

Free consultations with Flora Goldenberg via Emails or Whatsapp

I am Flora Goldenberg, I am an expert of the Jewish Paris.

I am a licensed tour guide in France.

I work as a private tour guide in Paris and also as an official tour guide at the Shoah Memorial.

I provide grouped tours and private tours.

I will be happy to answer all your questions by email before booking :

  • First, I check for you the booking dates to make sure everything goes perfectly with your tour. And here is what I do :
    • I check the Jewish calendar of France : We will avoid the jewish holidays and Shabbats for the walking tours in Le Marais because during the jewish holidays, most of the stores and synagogues are closed for the public. Some of them are open for prayers though. I can call them for you.
    • I check if the museums are open when you come to Paris before I confirm the tours
    • It is better to tell me in advance your special requests, provided that you book the Private Tours :
      • Prayers, Calendars, access, Seder  … 
      • Diets : Glatt Kosher, allergies …
      • Your pace : long walks, back pain, mobility,
    • I also tour with families with children, so please ask me in advance to prepare your tour with questions to interact with kids and teenagers, depending on their ages
      • Booklets, treasure hunts and little surprise gifts are on the program
    • For couples, I can help organize special romantic tour in or outside of Paris, in my favorite selection of hotels, depending on the season and the budget.
      • These trips are very comfortable : the driver is a professional, he has a Mercedes Van and will pick you up at the hotel and stay at your disposal for the whole day. However, the budget for these trips are above average, if you go with the private driver. So ask me by email for a customized plan.
      • In France using the train is very safe and reduce the cost. You can go literally everywhere with the train network of France, if you don’t want to take the road. I can help buy the train tickets for your trip.
  • I organize grouped tours to share the price : I regroup visitors to share a tour on the same date and share the price with others.
  • I help you connect with professionals that I work with :
    • Airport Pick-ups, Day trips from Paris, ideas for itineraries …
    • Bookings : Kosher Restaurants, Glatt Kosher, Shabbat, or any recommendation for your stay in Paris, in Hotels in the area.
    • planning a tour with a trusted jewish tour guides
  • I have a Licence to guide as a Guide Conférencière in France (All Paris Region Normandie, Champagne …)
    • The tours are highly regulated by the state of France
    • Guides must have a license to guide in the museums and in the Chateau de Versailles so please check with your guide this information before booking
  • In all my tours, I make sure to share happily with you my knowledge and my interests about the fascinating Jewish Heritage in Paris
Tour guide Paris young dynamic expert in Jewish paris Flora Goldenberg

Flora Goldenberg Anwsers all your question about the Jewish Paris


Email : Flora.Goldenberg@gmail.com or Whatsapp +33787082577



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