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Jewish Sites in Paris

Jewish Sites, Landmarks and Kosher Restaurants in Paris

Jewish Paris Quarter Ultimate Map

Everything in this map is Jewish. 

Map of Paris Jewish Quarter, Made by Flora , Free to use and share by everyone !

This Map is the fruit of my experience as a jewish tour in Paris 

The jewish map of Paris includes all Jewish site of Paris, all the jewish landmarks, Synagogues, Kosher Restaurants , Jewish style restaurants and the beginning of my jewish walking tour, my office location, … Everything is here !

Introduction to Paris Jewish Quarter Paris : Called Le Marais

My name is Flora, I am a Certified Tour Guide and I write about my Jewish Quarter in Paris. There are many beautiful Jewish sites that you want to visit in Paris.

Le Marais means the “Swamp” : Funny how the most beautiful, expensive, chic and trendy neighborhood in Paris is named after a swamp.

This is due to its history : Le Marais was indeed a swamp where the jews took refuge during the middle ages. They used the big private hotels building to divide them into small apartments.

Nowadays these apartments are one of the most expensive and unavailable real estates in the World !

Paris Jewish History began before a little BC.

Thus, there is about 2000 years of jewish presence in Paris, with physical evidence of the first communities doing Shabbat in Paris since the Romans times.

They gather discretely in the Latin Quarter of Paris ( I have designed a jewish tour in the Latin Quarter ) 

Some of these Jewish sites, you can still see, date back from the middle ages.

Of course, the most important Jewish sites in Paris are part of my Jewish walking tour in the Marais.

Transportation to the Jewish Neighborhood

The easiest way to go to Paris Jewish Quarter, is to take the metro line One. Jewish neighborhood is located near the Metro Saint Paul. 

Check Ratp website for Metro Information

You should know that Le Marais is not the only Jewish Neighborhood in Paris but it is the famous one, the “touristy” quarter where all the beautiful jewish boutiques are located.

Due to the increase in real estate prices in le Marais, many families decided to go the 19th district, to the 17th district where you will find more Kosher shops …

You can immediately access the Jewish Quarter Paris by Metro : Saint Paul by Line 1 and Get on The Exit escalator. Take on Rue Pavée or Rue Ferdinand Duval , until you reach Rue des Rosiers , which is the main Jewish Vessel of Paris. like indicated below :

jewish quarter paris metro

Jewish Quarter Paris Metro Saint Paul access

My top list of the kosher restaurants in Paris

Note for the Restaurants Managers : This is my personal opinion of your restaurant. I don’t accept sponsorships as I do this to help my visitors for them to get the best option and not the most “sponsored one”. Thank you. Flora Goldenberg – Tour Guide Paris

  • Rodchenko ( my favorite one) 

French style, Kosher restaurant in the beautiful street of Rue des Ecouffes. Very tasty food.

  • Kavod ( Never tried myself, but I hear it is very good ) 

French style, Kosher restaurant, a bit more expensive than the others. Prestigious and fancy.

  • Pitzman ( Glatt Kosher , Vegetarian, but with fish …  )

This is a Pitzman Family owned restaurant, the style is a bit everything french casual with pizza with tuna, pasta, grattins, falafel, crepes , soups , fish of the day

Address :  8, rue Pavée  75004 Paris


  • L’As du Fallafel ( I find it overrated, thanks to tripadvisor, so there will be a long line in front, expect 30 minutes waiting )

If you go to As de Falafel, and wait in line, some of the boys will ask you to pay in advance to make the line quicker but actually it is a trick to make you stay in line for 30 minutes and not change your mind…

In my personal opinion, I would never wait that long for any falafel even though on tripadvisor s, they say it is the best.

But I tried it, It is true, the falafel is good and the Kosher plates offer a lot of choices, you can try it when there is no waiting line ( avoid 12:00 to 14:00 ) and sundays.

Address :  32-34, rue des Rosiers   75004 Paris


  • Dhouib ( Sephardic , Tunisian style and Kosher )

I tried this restaurant many times, with my little family, and with my friends. They offer Mloukhia, Couscous, Ojja … Delicious plates from Tunisia !

You can also pre-order for shabbat with this little tunisian restaurant.

Address : 11 Bis Rue Geoffroy-Marie, Paris, France

For visitors only : Please send me your feedbacks if you tried one of these restaurants , by email to 
so we can help others make the best choice

For Restaurants : I only accept invitations. I do not accept sponsorships

My favorite kosher bakeries in Paris

  • Korcarz ( This boutique is included in our Jewish walking tour in le Marais Paris ) 

Great service, large service of pastries, sandwiches, quiches, bagels and great coffee place.

They offer both sephardic and ashkenazi pastries !

Address : 29, rue des Rosiers   75004 Paris

  • Murciano (I go there for breakfast as it is in front of my office in Rue des rosiers, but there is no place to sit )

This is a bakery that you can not miss in Rue des Rosiers. The most beautiful Jewish bakery in my opinion as the owners, originally from Morocco, kept the french ornaments inside, like the in the 19th century.

Address : 18, rue des Rosiers   75004 Paris

My favorite Jewish Sites in Paris

 N°1 Museum : Museum of Jewish Art and History

This museum is housed in a 17th century private mansion, and it displays a lot of documents, pictures and art related to the life and history of the Jews in Europe and France through the centuries.

Must see Synagogue : Agoudas Hakehilos Synagogue in Rue Pavée

This beautiful synagogue, registered as one of the historical monument in Paris, was built by the famous French architect Hector Guimard, who has built the metro entrances in Paris.

Most Beautiful Kosher Bakery : Murciano in Rue des Rosiers

This old fashioned pretty  and family owned bakery called Murciano is my favorite one. French pastries, eastern Europe pastries, north African/ Sephardic specialties : they have the best selection to make you travel by mouth and the most beautiful French interior decoration !

Bookstore/Art Gallery in Rue des Rosiers

The bookstore of the Temple ( 52, Rue des Rosiers, Librairie du Temple )  is also an Art Gallery, as well as a shop with some Jewish Artefacts : perfect for some souvenir of the Jewish quarter of Paris.

Monument : Shoal Memorial Monument Wall in Allée des Justes

The wall of the names at the Holocaust Memorial was inaugurated in 2005. This amazing monument is very moving, but it is also one of the best ways to remember the 76 000 Jews deported from France during WWII.

For visitors only : Please send me your feedbacks if you tried one of these restaurants , by email to 
so we can help others make the best choice

For Restaurants : I only accept invitations. I do not accept sponsorships

Other great Jewish Sites in Paris

  1. Vel d’Hiv Memorial
  2. Grande Synagogue of Paris
  3. Zadkine Museum
  4. Montparnasse and the Jewish artists in Paris
  5. Nissim de Camondo Museum
  6. Jewish art and History at the Louvre
  7. Synagogue Buffault
  8. Stained glasses of Jonathas
  9. Bakery Finkelsztajn/The Yellow shop

For visitors only : Please send me your feedbacks if you tried one of these restaurants , by email to 
so we can help others make the best choice

The restaurants in Paris with Jewish Style Food , but Not Kosher

In 2018, Paris is having a lot of new jewish style and Israeli restaurants opening. this new trend is a good image of tolerance for Paris mix of communities, but most of all : their food is so good , that Parisian Jewish Restaurant are so booked and filled of people ! let me give my favorite ones that I tried myself :

  • Miznon : My favorite spot for a quick bite 

And what about a modern style falafel? This new place opened by an Israeli chef from Tel Aviv is the new hop spot in the Marais. The concept is a miznon (a “buffet”in French) of stuffed pitas, in the French style. Choose between a pita with steak and egg, ratatouille or the famous boeuf bourguignon! what not to love !

Attention points : this restaurant is always full and loud , full of joy !

Address : 22 rue des Ecouffes, 75004

  • Maison David by Michel Kaliffa, this is not restaurant, but a caterer who enjoys looong conversations with his clients 🙂 

This is passionate butcher shop, not Kosher but very delicious !

In this amazing delicatessen, you will discover incredible Ashkenazim charcuterie, no kosher, but without pork.  Michel Kaliffa makes there the best pastrami, veal, beef, turkey breast, Israel foie gras, chicken liver, and all the best charcuterie you will ever have!

Attention points : this exquisite jewish charcuterie made with passion is not always affordable

6, rue des Ecouffes  75004


  • Balagan : yes, the name is funny, and still, the restaurant is fancy and stylish, and you need to book 01 40 20 72 14 , so no Balaghan after all

To be honest, I did not go there yet , but everyone is booking ! the food must be good

Address9 Rue d’Alger, 75001 Paris

  • Florence Kahn : I buy their “Croquants” every shabbat !

All my friends including me, love this little family bakery where you can enjoy their tasty Pastrami Sandwich !

a lot of locals come on Sunday to buy the Pastrami Sandwich, along with some Ashkenazi desert and a drink to enjoy on the terrace.

I always buy the croquants : sort of Tunisian biscuits that you can eat in the morning with your coffee. They very very delicious and I am addicted to it.

 24 Rue des Ecouffes, 75004 Paris

  • Tavline , is a new Jewish Restaurant, the cuisine is Moroccan Israeli, delicious, Not Kosher

I tried this restaurant with my mother Léontine and I must say : best hummus in Paris ! We also tried the shakshouka and the Fish balls and , of course, all the starters , like in Israel : eggplant, hummus, roasted Cauliflower … miam miam !

25 Rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004 Paris

  • Restaurant Goldenberg, closed

Address :  7 rue des Rosiers  75004 Paris

For visitors only : Please send me your feedbacks if you tried one of these restaurants , by email to 
so we can help others make the best choice

All synagogues and oratories in Paris :

  • Fondation Roger Fleischman ( Included in my #1 jewish tour Paris Le Marais ) 

18, rue des Ecouffes  75004 Paris


  • Synagogue Agoudath Hakehilot ( Included in my #1 jewish tour Paris Le Marais ) 

10, rue Pavée   75004 Paris


  • Kahal Adass Yereim

10 ; rue Cadet,  75009 Paris


  • Ohel Avraham

31, rue de Motevideo  75016 Paris


  • Synagogue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth

15, rue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth   75003 Paris


  • Synagogue des Tournelles

21 bis, rue des Tournelles   75004 Paris


  • Synagogue de la Place des Vosges

14, Place des Vosges  75004 Paris


  • Synagogue Buffault

28, rue Buffault  75009 Paris


  • Séminaire israélite

9, rue Vauquelin   75005 Paris


  • Synagogue Chasseloup-Laubat

14, rue Chasseloup-Laubat   75015 Paris


  • Temple israélite de Belleville

75, rue Julien-Lacroix   75020 Paris

49, rue de Pali-Kao        75020 Paris


  • Synagogue de Montmartre

13, rue Saint-Isaure   75018


  • Great Synagogue of Paris, synagogue de la Victoire

17, rue Saint-Georges   75009 Paris


  • Union libérale israélite

24, rue Copernic  75016


  • Mouvement juif libéral

11, rue Gaston-de-Caillavet  75015


  • Berit Chalom

18, rue Saint Lazare   75009


  • Synagogue Don Isaac Abravanel

84-86, rue de la Roquette  75011 Paris


For visitors only : Please send me your feedbacks if you tried one of these restaurants , by email to 
so we can help others make the best choice

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