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Louvre Museum Guided Tour Paris

The Musée du Louvre was not originally museum. It was a fortress that was built in 1190.

The louvre is then renovated in the 16th century and became a Royal Palace

louvre fortress

Louvre Fortress

It was only in 1793, after the French Monarchy moved to the Palace of Versailles, that the first Louvre museum was opened to the public, and offered just 537 paintings. 

Today, the Louvre is officially the biggest Museum on earth

 380 000 objects

35 000 works of art

8 curatorial departments

More than 652,000 sq ft dedicated to the permanent collection !

 Tickets :

17 euro Per adult – Free for children under 18

Waiting Line :

The Louvre is a busy Museum – But with a licensed tour guide, you can skip-the-line

I will take care of the bookings and the tickets for you !

The Louvre is the biggest Museum in the world : It takes nearly 100 days to see everything !

The Louvre exhibits sculptures, objets d’art, paintings, drawings, and archaeological finds !

It is safe to say that the Louvre is Today one of the richest museums in the world

Flora Golenberg Jewish guided tour Louvre Tour in Paris

That’s why it is easier to hire a licensed tour guide, to skip the waiting line and enjoy more of your valuable time appreciating and understanding these rare and beautiful pieces of Art !

1 – Louvre Guided Tour : Highlights Tour – 2 Hours

I invite you to discover some of the masterpieces of the Louvre. From the great Sphinx of Egypt, and the Greek sculptures like the Venus of Milo or the Winged Victory, we’ll also go through the Italian department of paintings.

You’ll of course learn about all the great mysteries of the Mona Lisa, and you’ll also see the biggest painting in the Louvre, the Wedding in Cana.

Flora Goldenberg Jewish Louvre Tour Paris

Flora Goldenberg Jewish Louvre Tour Paris

Learn about the French History too, by discovering the famous painting “The Liberty guiding the people” by Delacroix, or “the Coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte”.

Flora Goldenberg Jewish Louvre Tour Paris 51

2 – Evening Louvre – Highlights Tour – 2 hours

Only on Wednesdays and Fridays – 2 hours in the evening : maximum 6 people in the group

This tour is also available in the evening on Wednesdays and Fridays. The Louvre can be very crowded on certain days. If you have to possibility, book your tour at the Louvre with one of our expert guides in the evening. You’ll have the chance to discover the masterpieces while the visitors and groups are leaving the museum.

Early evening, before diner, is one of the best ways to experience the visit of the Louvre with your certified guide.

Note : It is possible to ask for this guided Louvre tour to be mixed (or not) with a Jewish Walking Tour Paris, in order to show you the great Art donations made by Jewish Bankers like the son of Nissim de Camondo and his cousin Izaak, more Famous Jewish Figures in Paris know for their Generosity in the development of Art in Paris !

Please contact me and tell me about you so we can design a tour together for your convenience !

Book these Guided City Tour by Email :

I will answer as soon as I can ! 

Jewish Louvre Tour

Note : It is possible to ask for this tour with a Jewish walking Tour in le Marais, tell you about the influence of Isaac and Nissim de Camondo (1901 ) and some Famous Jewish Figures like Rothschilds (on 1901 and many other times) in Paris by their generous Donation to Help the development of Art in Paris !

Louvre Jewish Tour Paris Flora Goldenerg

Louvre Jewish Tour Paris Flora Goldenberg

Duration : 3 Hours to 4 hours

Languages : English

Through the Highlight of the Louvre, we will focus on the history of Israel, 3000 years ago.

We will visit the Louvre, tell you about the history of the Louvre, then we start the tour about Israel’s kingdom and the contribution of the Jewish community to the Richest Museum of the World.

Thanks to the artifacts found in Jordan, Egypt and today’s Israel, you will discover how the Jewish History is portrayed in the most beautiful selection of Art in the world.

Flora Goldenberg Jewish Louvre Tour Paris 51

Dead Sea Findings in the Louvre Guided Tour Paris

We will see the Popular pieces of the Museum : Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, Napoleon, Venus de Milo, the biggest paintings, egyptian antiquities and many more !

Flora Goldenberg Jewish Louvre Tour Paris

Flora Goldenberg Jewish Louvre Tour Paris

Let’s discover the oldest ever mention of Israel, the fascinating story of the Crusader period, how and why the country was disputed by Syria and Egypt.

Louvre Jewish Tour Paris - Flora Goldenberg

Louvre Jewish Tour Paris – Flora Goldenberg

We will see Jerusalem through the eyes of many painters, in the Louvre and many surprises will wait for you during this visit.

The Louvre Jewish Tour

The Louvre Jewish Tour

Louvre Jewish Tour Paris – Flora Goldenberg

Possible Combination :

As the Jewish Walking tour is not far away from the Louvre, you can combine the 2 tours in Le Marais :

The #1 Jewish Walking Tour

+ a tour inside the Louvre about the Kingdom of Israel, the History of Judaism, the famous art collections and donations, the Jewish artists and of course the Jewish life in Paris

+ conversation about the Nowadays situation of Jews in France …

and many more.

The Louvre Jewish Tour : a Jewish Marriage – Painting inside the Louvre Museum

You can read about Flora Goldenberg here

See classic Jewish tours of Paris here

I designed for Families in Paris with Kids or Tennagers, click here.

Contact Flora for the Louvre guided Tour :

 Email : or Whatsapp +33616304735

About Flora Goldenberg & Paris Guided Tours :

Born in Paris, I grew up in the heart of this city, in Le Marais neighborhood. Everyday, I go around my city and take pictures of it. Walked it, biked it, read about this fascinating endless City and I am still discovering it every day. I have a true passion for the city of Paris.

I have traveled a lot myself, which has given me a truer perspective on my own city.

After studying History and Art History at the Sorbonne University, I decided to become a guide in Paris and got my license. Why? The city of Paris is my passion and I couldn’t think of a better way to reveal everything Paris can offer. History, museums, monuments, gourmet, fashion…

This city fascinates me !

Oh, Well … I must confess that my mother, who is a guide in Paris since 29 years, transmitted me the pleasure of sharing and exchanging. And, now, I just can’t get enough of searching for new places, restaurants and new stories! So, I design new tours, as a hobby, and customize them according to everyone’s wishes, themes, walking distances and their Art knowledge …

I love Paris when I go to work. I love it in the morning when I do sport. And by night for its different atmospheres. Still, the most amazing thing to do in Paris is its museums. They are numerous and rich in History and Art, and the biggest in the world !

Let me Say : I can’t wait to enjoy together an unforgettable guided tour in Paris !

with me, the Paris Guided Tours are in French or English.

For other languages I can recommend you one of my trusted colleagues. in this new platform for only certified guides !

Benjamin : A Jewish French Tour guide in Paris

Louvre Covid19 2020 Paris Tour Guide Ben Jewish Louvre Tour

Bejmain Tour Guide Paris

Benjamin is one of the rare Jewish Parisians who is a tour guide, born and raised in Paris, graduated from Sorbonne University, like myself.

When he was young he played yiddish music in our family’s restaurant in le Marais, Rue des Rosiers, and then we worked together in the Shoah Memorial. I trust him with his training and that’s why we teamed up to do the jewish tours.

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