Visit the Louvre on 2020

How to Visit the Louvre on 2020 ?

Flora Goldenberg Jewish Louvre Tour Paris
I am Flora Goldenberg – Tour Guide in Paris

When I traveled to Rome, few years ago, knowing that I was going to certainly visit the Vatican, I decided to hire an Italian tour guide who speaks perfect English.

As a Parisian Tour guide, I know Art and History. But I couldn’t see myself in such a huge place, without a tour guide taking me through the maze.

The Vatican museum is like the Louvre: It can be a very overwhelming place.

If you want to make the best out of your visit, I recommend having a tour guide with you. 

And it is worth it, because the Louvre museum has so much to offer !

Here are some of the reasons why you should visit the Louvre

and even more on 2020, after COVID19, because : less crowds will make your visit more enjoyable !

1- The Louvre is not just a National Museum

It is a former palace, where History happened, where Kings and Queens lived, where architects and artists expressed their talents, or where Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette became prisoners of their own property during the French Revolution (and eventually tried to escape from it).

A palace that became a museum, and where the Nazis didn’t have the chance to see the Mona Lisa or Venus of Milo, hidden during the occupation of Paris in the Loire Valley.

It is a place that became one of the biggest museums in the world, and where more recently, the great glass pyramid of Ian Ming Pei, scandalized by its modernity (today one of the main symbols of the Louvre and Paris !)

Louvre Pyramid 2020

In the Louvre museum, you will discover more than art.

2 – You will travel through French History and its fascinating episodes ! 

Flora Goldenberg Jewish Louvre Tour Paris 51
Flora Goldenberg – Louvre Paintings

“the Raft of the Medusa” will tell you the story of a  shipwrecked, in the 19th century and its crew, who tried to survive on a makeshift raft. The “ Mona Lisa” will bring you to Florence, and relate you to the life of Leonardo Da Vinci and his many discoveries and secrets. 

“Winged Victory” will stun you, by its height, strength/delicacy, and its many details. Be ready to be teleported to Ancient Greece and hear about the great greek gods and goddesses.

A few steps away, Egypt awaits you ! It is a whole travel, through times and beauty, to discover a smart civilization, with vivid imagination and great artists. 

You will travel through times, and in many different countries as well, with a storytelling guide. Nothing boring, just fun stories and great art to watch ! 

3 – The Tuileries gardens, as part of your experience in the Louvre

We usually don’t think about it, but the gardens of the Louvre are beautiful to walk through, before or after your tour, and it is a real part of the Louvre experience. From the gardens, you can admire some of Paris’ main monuments (on the Historical Axis of Paris) : glass Pyramid, Obelisk of the Concord, Champs Elysées, Arc of Triumph. All aligned, they reveal a magnificent perspective, while being surrounded with the fountains and flowers of the gardens (and from time to time, the goats of the gardens, grazing the surplus of grass). 

On one side of the gardens, the Orsay museum and its giant clocks were built when the monument was a train station. On the other side, the Parisian architecture of RIvoli streets, and its numerous fashion stores and gourmet shops (best hot chocolate at Angelina is there, Yum ! )

You can eventually extend your visit with a 20 minutes trip to Monet’s lily pond.

The Orangerie, a small museum located in the Tuileries gardens, is a peaceful place, where you can contemplate the 8 huge paintings of the impressionist painter. 

Playground for the children and a carousel is another option. As well as sitting by the fountains, and relaxing on a sunny day ! The Louvre gardens are definitely on the bucket list with Mona Lisa ! 

4 – Great pictures and souvenirs, at one of the most famous and beautiful places in the world

Louvre Tour Guide 2020
Louvre Tour Guide 2020

If you like Instagram, Christmas cards or personal souvenirs, you will find great photogenic places in the Louvre.

Play with your camera, you can be very creative with the amazing Louvre interior and exterior architectures, the Louvre pyramid, the colorful galleries and paintings … 

You can try to touch the tip of the Pyramid :

Or use the perfect symmetry to make an amazing photography, it is all yours :

Challenge the Venus of Milo, and get the same pose/attitude as a model !

Venus de Milo, Musee du Louvre, Paris, France, Europe
Venus de Milo, Musee du Louvre, Paris, France, Europe

Go around the gardens, and stand in the middle of the History Axis of Paris.

Take a picture of your reflection in the fountain water, or get to  the very end of the gardens, where the Eiffel Tower will appear ! 

5 – Tour guide for the Louvre 

Flora Goldenberg Jewish Louvre Tour Paris 51
Flora Goldenberg on a Jewish Louvre Tour – Paris 2020

It is a pleasure for me to take you on a tour to the Louvre. 

I designed a short Highlights tour to show you the best paintings, sculpture and all the Must See of the Louvre in only 2 hours 

I also designed a new Jewish Louvre Tour where we will explore the Museum from a Jewish Angle : We will see the History of Israel and the Jewish Heritage of France through many Art pieces and Historical Proofs displayed inside the Louvre Today ! 

For a Full Louvre Guide Tour, which takes at least 3 hours, I recommend that you do the tour with my Colleague Emma.

Emma Izraël - Paris tour Guide - Tour guide
Emma – Paris tour Guide – The Louvre Specialist

She is very clear in her communication, it is so nice to be in her company !

She is very knowledgeable, passionate about Art and History.

If you go to visit the Louvre with your family, I suggest that you hire Emma for a Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt Tour Louvre
Treasure hunt in the Louvre where kids play detectives – Louvre on 2020

Contact me with any question by email :