Nice tour with people from L.A.

Today I toured around the Marais with a beautiful family from LA.

Bobby, the grandmother is taking her 6 from 12 grandchildren every year on a trip.
They came to Paris this year, and I had the pleasure to guide them around the city for the Jewish immersion tour.
Lovely people, as always. My favorite part being the fact that I get to learn a lot from the people I’m with too. It’s not just about giving a tour, it is also about sharing personal stories, and each tour is a unique experience.

If I’m lucky enough to have such a beautiful family later, I will remember to do the same as Bobby. I hope I’ll be able to take my grandchildren around the most beautiful cities in the world and learn, with them, about the Jewish history in the different countries we visit.

Facts about Jewish history in LA.

A nice jewish tour in Paris

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