What a coincidence ! a Joe Goldenberg’s old friend in my Jewish walking tour – Paris

My visitors today were telling me about the last time they were in Paris.
And they remembered something really well. You know how sometimes a small detail stays in your memory and it is just captured forever ?

One day in Paris, in the Jewish area, they decided to eat in one of the local restaurants. The people were sitting in straight row (very Parisian!).
And in front of them,a big dog,sitting like a client of the restaurant, staring at them. How funny to think about the scene and imagine the restaurant bench where people have lunch with that dog sitting in front of them.

It just so happened that the restaurant and the dog they were talking about were my grandfather’s. Both the restaurant and the dog !
Once in front of the facade of the delicatessen that my grandfather owned, it was like if the story happened yesterday ! They remembered it really well, and I told them more about the place, and of course the dog too !



my grand father’s Famous restaurant : Joe Goldenberg

Lots of souvenirs for them, and what a great experience for me too,to meet people who came to my grandfather’s restaurant more than 20 years ago ! Meeting them today was a treat.


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