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Fromental Halévy : a Jewish Quarter Paris Story by Flora Goldenberg

This is a Jewish Quarter Paris Story about Fromental Halevy

Written by Flora Goldenberg - All rights Reserved

During our walk of the Jewish Quarter Paris, we will discover one of the greatest buildings in the city, the City Hall of Paris.

On its façade, we an see a lot of sculptures of men. One thing they have in common : all these men were born in Paris.

Politicians, musicians, architects… Each on of them will participate to the glory and fame of the city of lights.

Among them, Fromental Halévy.

Jewish quarter paris Fromental halevy article by flora goldenrg tour guide in paris

Fromental Halévy

He was born in 1799, he was Jewish, and became a great music composer.
The family history is very interesting, as his father came from Germany to France in the time of the French Revolution, when the Jews were emancipated in France and became citizens (this is one of the aspects of the Jewish life in Paris that we will talk about on the tour of the Jewish quarter). His father, called Elie, will spend his new life in France, trying to develop and expand the Jewish culture. Proud to live in the country of the Declaration of the Rights of Men, and proud to be a French citizen, transmitting his ideas and ideals to his son, he will call his son Fromental. So French !

After studying music in the best schools in Paris, Fromental travelled to Italy and Vienna, where he met Beethoven.

He writes one of his most famous opera in 1835, La juive (the Jew), and it is his first triumph. It is still played today.

In total, he will compose more than 30 operas in his life.

He will become a member  of one of the most prestigious clubs in France, the Academie of the Fine Arts (Académie des Beaux Arts), and later became a music teacher.

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