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Joseph Goldenberg – Famous Figure of the Jewish Quarter of Paris

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Flora Goldenberg in front of the Goldenberg Restaurant

Who is Joseph Goldenberg ?

My grandfather , Joseph Goldenberg, was born in 1923 in Paris.

He is famous for his Restaurants and delis around the city of Paris. The main restaurant and the most famous one is the one located in le Marais which became a meeting place for the Holocaust survivors and the former resistance fighters after the war.

When I travel outside of France, and meet people who visited Paris, most of them tell me that they tried the Godenberg Restaurant and that they loved it. Even my visitors when they take a tour with me, they sometimes tell me that they have been in Paris before and they met my grandfather Joseph.

my grand father’s Famous restaurant : Joe Goldenberg

Personal Story of Joe Goldenberg

His family of 10 children lived in Le Marais, near the synagogue of rue Pavée

My great grandfather and some of his children arrived from Turkey, just before my grandfather was born ( I don’t the exact date of arrival, but it was probably from 1920 to 1923).

My great grandfather was called Nahoum Goldenberg, and his wife was called Lea Finkelstein.

Fikelstein is the yellow boutique in Rue des Rosiers

Fikelstein is the yellow boutique in Rue des Rosiers

In his identity papers, Nahoum’s job is ” charcutier”. He is a butcher, and opens a family business in rue des Rosiers, in the Jewish area in Paris.

Here is an old picture of the shop, with my grandfather, Joseph Goldenberg.

After the war, my grandfather and his brothers decided to keep working at the old family shop, until my grandfather opened a restaurant, that became the delicatessen Goldenberg.

My great grandfather and his wife, as well as 4 of their children, were deported during the war.

paris nazi jews antisemitism jewish quarter Paris 1945

This is Rue des Rosiers – Paris Jewish Quarter 19340 – 1944 under Nazi Control – you can notice the Jewish yellow Star imposed by Nazis on the jews of Paris

I looked at their pictures recently, because I don’t know who they were and I don’t have many stories or details about them. It was difficult for my grandfather to talk about them, and I was also too young when my grandfather was still alive,to understand how important it is to remember the persons who died in the holocaust, and never forget !

I am very grateful for my grandfather’s achievements, and for the fact that he helped carry the name of my great grandfather.

This way, I get to talk about Nahoum and some of his life during my tours of the Jewish area in Paris, and I don’t forget about him, as I don’t forget about the others.

Today, I am a little emotional, and as I have a lot of time on my hands,I decided yo start writing some of my family’s history, to get some nice testimonies about the restaurant and my family’s life, in order to pass it onto my daughter one day.

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