List of books to read before the Jewish Tour of Paris

List of books to read before the Jewish Tour of Paris :

1 – Sarah’s key

WWII in France, and the sadly famous Vel d’Hiv round up, when the children and mothers were deported, because of the french collaboration with the nazis

2 – the novel of Romain Gary , The life before us

3 – A bag of Marbles, by Joseph Joffo

Fun fact about this one : my grandfather Joe Goldenberg played the role of the father in the book, in one of the movies made after the book. The movie was directed by Jacques Doillon

4 – The diary of Helene Berr, by Helene Berr.

A young student at the Sorbonne in Paris during WWII. She was a very talented young woman, who describes very well her life in Paris in the beginning of the Occupation in Paris.

5 – a book of Patrick Modiano, La Place de l’Etoile

He writes very well about the Jewish Life in Paris.

6 – Simone Veil, Une vie (A Life).

Simone Veil was an incredible woman. Deported at 17 years old, she survived the holocaust, and lived a full life, as a lawyer, a minister, at the head of the foundation for the memory of the shoah etc.. I will right an article about her soon that you can read on my website.

7 – I heard many good things about The last of the just, by André Schwarz-Bart

I heard many good things about this book but I didn’t get the chance to read it yet

8 –  All the light we cannot see, by Anthony Doerr

I am currently reading it. I love it.

Author : Flora Goldenberg

Tour guide in Paris

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