March 17TH PARIS Jewish Quarter GIF

Pictures of the Jewish Quarter Paris

Today is Tuesday March 17th

President Macron announced a full Lockdown of the Country, including of course Paris.

He looked serious and not joking at all.

So we all behave now.

Parisians under curfew :

I live in a building, where I can see my neighbors across the street. This is not voyeurism, don’t worry ! It is a Paris tradition.

When you spy on your neighbors during Paris curfew

But I have always liked to look quickly around me, and see people dining, smoking a cigarette at their window, cooking, cleaning the apartment …
And today, I am not the only one taking a peak once in a while to see what is happening around.

Goldenberg Paris Rue des Rosiers
Paris –  Rue des Rosiers – Picture of March 17th – Empty street – people limit their travels exception for groceries and necessary needs like health …

Here and there, a window opens, and one of my neighbors scans the street. Then, we look quickly at each other. For the moment, we don’t talk, or we don’t smile at each other. But I am pretty sure that, in a couple of days, we’ll say “Hi” from the distance, and exchange a few words, window from window.
We are neighbors, for real now !

March 17TH PARIS Murciano Kosher Bakery Jewish Quarter Paris
Picture this morning March 17th : My neighbor “Murciano” – the famous Kosher Bakery of Jewish Quarter Paris

The streets are quiet

We have the right to go to the supermarket if needed, or to take a quick walk with our children or to do some kind of physical activity. But alone. So here and there, people are jogging, carrying groceries, walking their dog. And that’s it. Nothing else to declare !With friends and family, we are calling each other already more than we did in the past 6 months !

How funny how habits change.

My best friend called me, because she is a school teacher, and starting tomorrow, she is asked to teach the children of our doctors, and other nursing staff. She borrowed my bicycle, to go back and forth, without using public transportation.

March 17TH PARIS Jewish Quarter GIF
Picture before midday ( Quartine start at Midday March 17TH in Paris ) – a Jewish Quarter GIF

Our government is managing very well the crisis

For those who don’t like to bike, the government promised that they can use taxis for free (paid by the government) , or even stay in hotels near their workplace, if needed.
The government made an amazing statement yesterday evening ! We basically don’t pay for anything anymore : taxes, rents, electricity, water … The government will help as many people as possible, and inject 300 billion euros for all these expenses.

I have to say that most of us are proud to be able to count on the government in such a difficult time !

Meanwhile, at home, life goes on. We have to be as creative as possible to keep our daughter busy, and to provide a nice and joyful environment for her. Of course, it is not the easiest inside an apartment. But we do our best !

Flora Goldenberg in Rue des rosiers in an empty Jewish Quarter of Paris
Flora Goldenberg in Rue des Rosiers in an empty Jewish Quarter of Paris

We will all applaud the French Health Care Workers at 7pm

And we don’t complain, thinking of our nursing staff, working hard to fight for people’s lives !

So tonight, at 7pm, the Parisians are going to open their windows, probably look at each other and smile, and applaud !

Applaud for all the doctors and nursing staff, for everyone else fighting through this, and maybe a little bit for us as well, for self encouragement and solidarity !

You can do the same in your city , especially in our sister city : New York !

Update : They Applauded the medical staff , on this link in French, but go below the page and you will see the video :

Wish you all the best in these hard times

Talk to you tomorrow !


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