Pessah Passover Paris

Passover in Paris April 2020

Passover Under Quarantine :

It is already Passover ! As the world was focused on Covid 19, Paris almost forgot about Passover, and suddenly, it was April 8th already !

Some people are home with family, some are alone.

Jewish Quarter Paris under Quarantine Delivery
Jewish Quarter Paris under Quarantine Delivery

This is how a nice initiative was taken by the Israelis, to support each other : they decided to sing the “Ma Nishtana “ song from their balconies, at 8.30pm.

In the Street Rue des Rosiers, located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter of Paris, windows opened at 8.30pm, and a couple of families started to sing as well.

Goldenberg Paris Rue des Rosiers
Paris Rue des Rosiers

It felt really nice and it was beautiful to share together that moment.

Many Parisians left Paris to go to the country side of France, to avoid spending a month, maybe two or three, in lock down in a small Parisian apartment. But some of us were there, singing along ! I will remember this unique Passover for a long time !

Jewish Quarter Paris under Quarantine
Jewish Quarter Paris under Quarantine

I didn’t write for a while, because days have been monotonous in Paris, and I kept busy with learning, designing tours for the Jewish Paris, reading, playing around with our baby girl, coloring, cooking of course and cleaning the apartment pretty much all day long !

I feel very grateful to be with my baby girl everyday, and be healthy as well !

Islands of Paris : Ile de La cité

I have to say that I miss my job ! Usually, this time of year is wonderful for guiding. Days are sunny, and all the flowers are blooming, trees are leafy, and walking through Paris is the best !

Paris Map – The islands of Paris – 1575


One of the places I like the most in Paris is the Ile Saint Louis, a small Island near the Jewish area in Paris. It is a quiet and beautiful residential island, across from Notre Dame cathedral on Ile de la Cité.

There are typical Parisian cafés and restaurants, and some delicious sorbets and ice cream shops. It is one of the greatest places to enjoy the view on the Seine river and the boats, to watch people taking a stroll on the river side.
I like to take visitors to the Ile Saint Louis during my tours, as it would be a shame to miss it while coming to Paris !

I can’t wait to take people on my tours again, and to share these wonderful places and  some great stories with them !

Flora Goldenberg March 13th Paris Jewish Quarter Notre Dame

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