Share the Price with a Grouped Tour in the Jewish Quarter Paris le Marais by Flora Goldenberg

Bookmarked Dates for Grouped Tour of the Jewish Neighborhood of Paris

Here are the bookmarked dates for the visitors who want to share the experience and the price with other visitors in a Small Open Grouped Tour of the Jewish Quarter le Marais Paris.

Each group can not exceed 9 persons to keep the high quality of the tour.

The minimum number of people on a group tour is 5 people : If you are the first to ask for the grouped tour, I will bookmark your date(s) on this page and wait for another request.

Note that : I do not do big groups tour like travel agencies and tour Apps, because I want to keep my tour close to the visitors, with a personal touch, with a real exchange, even when you share the tour with other curious visitors, it will be the same itinerary and with the same design as the classic jewish walking tour in Paris. So please, don’t hesitate to talk with me, ask questions, and talk with the other visitors in your group during the tour, it is much more interesting

In the grouped tour, you can ask to join another family with the same interests, or ask to join a couple with the same point of views as you to have more fun and more exchanges during the tour.

In the private tour, you can customize everything with your needs and interests : you can add spots, you can skip stops, have gourmet breaks, lengthen or shorten the duration, ask for a favorite subject to focus on, ask to customize it for kids or teenagers, add the Jewish Louvre Tour at the end ( We will go Inside the Louvre, not far from the Jewish area of Paris, we can skip the line thanks to my tour guide card of Paris ) 

  • March 27th : Confirmed, You can still join them !
    • Debra, her husband and their 2 children (6 and 14 years old) + Amy, her husband and their teenagers (15 years old).
    • You can still join them !
  • April 10th, Pending
    • AM in preference
    • Tina + 3 . we need 2 more people for this tour
  • April 18th or 19th, Pending
    • Jackie and her sister want to share a tour with other visitors.
  • May 12th, Pending
    • Suz and husband ( a Rabbi ) want to join a grouped tour on May 12th
  • June 2nd, Pending
    • Brooks and her husband want to share a tour with other visitors.
  • June 5th, 6th, 7th : Pending
    • Mark and his friend want to share the tour with other visitors.
  • June 20th, afternoon or early evening, Pending
    • Brenda and her husband want to share the tour with other visitors
  • July 6th
    • Kate and her husband ask for a grouped tour . She is in town for 48h only and seeks fellow walkers 🙂
  • July 10th, 11th: Pending
    • Rhona and Husband interested in a small grouped tour in July 10 and 11th
  • August 26th, 27th : Pending
    • Marvin wants to share the tour with other visitors
  • October 13th : Pending
    • Debbie G. wants to share her experience with other visitors, (Very interested , she is related to Dreyfus Family )

Send me an email on to join a tour above or open a new grouped tour.

I update this page every night, so if you see something not up to date, please contact me to rectify it. Thank you !

You can contact me by whatsapp +33616304735 also for an immediate reply. 

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