The Louvre Guided Tour with Jewish Influence

The Louvre with Jewish Influence is an exclusive tour designed by Flora Goldenberg, a licensed Jewish tour guide in Paris, specialized in the Jewish Heritage tours in Paris. Born and raised in le Marais, Flora is creates new tours to share her passion about the Jewish heritage in Paris.

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Guided Tour in The Louvre with Jewish Influence : 

As my Jewish Walking tour is not far away from the Louvre, I decided to design a new fantastic tour inside the Louvre about the Kingdom of Israel, the History of Judaism, the famous art collections and donations, the famous Jewish artists and of course the Jewish life in Paris.

I have a License “Guide-Conférencière” by the state, that allows me to guide inside the Louvre. I can also book the Louvre tickets for you, you can then skip the line with me and discover the History of the Louvre, do a quick highlights tours including the main masterpieces and then begin the Jewish Influence tour in the Louvre.

Discover the donations made by notorious and influential French Jewish Society in the 19th century to the Louvre, their amazing lives in Paris, their contributions to the French Art and Culture, learn about the famous jewish Artists, and of course, the WWII and how the Nazi occupation affected their lives in France during the difficult years of French collaboration with the Germans.

This tour can be designed for families with children. Please give me more details about your interests and your family ( Family members and ages ) to customize the tour for the best and get the most of the guided tour in the Louvre with Flora Goldenberg

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