Flora Writes about the Jewish Quarter Paris Stories

Auschwitz Memorial : Muzeum Auschwitz

Hello I am Flora Goldenberg, a tour guide in Paris, I specialize in the Jewish Walking Tours of Paris Jewish Neighborhood : Le Marais Area. In 2017, I traveled to Auschwitz Memorial with my colleagues from the memorial to see by myself the Death Camps. It was a horrifying experience, but a must in my…

Video of the Jewish Neighborhood of Paris After the yellow vests

Hello to all, After the yellow vest protest erupted in Paris, a lot happened, and a lot was exaggerated. That’s why, I , Flora Goldenberg, decided to give you a heads up about what is going on really in Paris, le Marais area, by video, made with my phone 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCFQSGJXGSI&feature=youtu.be

Glatt Kosher and Kosher and not Kosher in Paris

Paris and the Glatt Kosher Sign : Today, the term Glatt Kosher is often used informally to imply that a product was processed under a strict standard of kashrut Here in Paris, you’ll find different restaurants serving kosher food. I made a list below of my favorite ones. I am sorry to tell you that some…

Fromental Halévy : a Jewish Quarter Paris Story by Flora Goldenberg
Jewish quarter paris Fromental halevy article by flora goldenrg tour guide in paris

This is a Jewish Quarter Paris Story about Fromental Halevy Written by Flora Goldenberg – All rights Reserved During our walk of the Jewish Quarter Paris, we will discover one of the greatest buildings in the city, the City Hall of Paris. On its façade, we an see a lot of sculptures of men. One…

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