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Flora Goldenberg – Jewish Parisian tour guide

Flora Goldenberg - Happy Jewish Tour in Paris - Family Friendly

Flora Goldenberg – Jewish Tour in Paris

Flora is a professional Tour Guide specialized in the Jewish Walking Tours in Paris.

She obtained her License, after studying History and Art in the prestigious Sorbonne University for 5 years, that’s why she can tour in all museums and monuments of the city like the Louvre, Versailles, Orsay and many more.

Parisian, born and raised in a Jewish Family in Paris, in le Marais. The Jewish Quarter of Paris is her Home: She is actually the granddaughter of Joe Goldenberg, owner of a famous restaurant in le Marais : Rue des Rosiers “Pletzl”. 

Her mother is a tour guide in Paris as well, she inspired her to do Jewish tours since she was 22.

Now Flora is 30, she organises Tours, Seder, Kosher dinners in restaurants, answers all questions about the synagogues, and assist visitors in all concerns about their trip to Paris

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Eden – Tour guide in Paris, speaks hebrew / english / french

Eden during the Jewish tours of Paris Le Marais

Eden on the left, during the Jewish tours of Paris Le Marais

Eden is a tour guide in Paris, specialized in the Jewish tour in Le Marais. 

He is a translator and a Hebrew teacher in Paris. He learned to speak a little Yiddish and German. 

He plays Klezmer Music, in Parisian bars and Coffee shops, he mastered the clarinet instrument. 

Born in Israel, in a Kibboutz in the Neguev, until the age of 8 surrounded by the warmth of the collective life, before he moved to Kfar-Saba, a city not far from Tel-Aviv.

Eden’s passion began when he studied philosophy in Jerusalem, seeing everyday from the window of the classroom : the amazing Old City, a labyrinth of history, religion and culture. Knowing that every monument, every church or synagogue have their own history, he quickly started learning about these fantastic and mystical places.

The growing interest for Jewish history came him after he moved to Paris where he got to know and work with the Jewish community in this beautiful city, starting in the Shoah Memorial as an official tour guide.

After living a few years in Paris, he started realizing that the Judaism of today is inextricably related to its diasporic existence and heritage. and the Jewish heritage of Paris is of one of the richest and the most diverse !

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Livia – Jewish tour guide in Paris – speaks hebrew/english/french

Livia Jewish tour guide in Paris for jewish quarter Paris tours

Livia on the right, Jewish tour guide in Paris for the jewish quarter Paris tours

Livia is a very passionate tour guide in Paris, specialized in the Jewish tour in Le Marais. 

She speaks English, French and Hebrew. She learned a little yiddish and German too. 

From Portuguese origins, born in Israel, then lived New York for a decade and now in Paris, working with the Shoah Memorial as a guide, Livia has a very deep understanding of the Jewish heritage in the World !

Livia is very friendly and outgoing, her passion is to share all the anecdotes, her personal stories and historical facts about the jewish heritage !

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Iuliana – Professional Tour Guide in Paris ( Non Jewish )

Iuliana - Jewish tours - Professional certified tour guide in Paris

Iuliana – Jewish tours – Professional certified tour guide in Paris

Iuliana is a 32 year-old professional tour guide in Paris and one of my closest colleagues

Born in an orthodox christian family, she started learning about the french history at an early age. She obtained her license after 5 years of studies in the prestigious Sorbonnes University.

She is highly qualified and experienced with the Louvre and the Versailles Palace. 

Iuliana Mastered the jewish tour and started touring in the late 2018, and we have great reviews of her on our trip advisor’s page that you can see. She is impressive.

Iuliana is a mother of a 4 year old daughter and she is a passionate tour guide. Sometimes visitors ask her to bring her daughter on the tours during summer to share beautiful moments with the children.

Iuliana is very friendly and open minded. You can ask her for help and recommendation for your families

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Cynthia – Non Jewish tour guide – Expert in the Jewish tour of Paris

Professional Tour Guide with License to guide everywhere in Paris

Originally from Chile, Cinthia started working as a guide during her university years

She is a fully certified tour guide in three languages, English, Spanish and French. Today she offers you the chance to walk with me to discover the most breathtaking and romantic city, Paris, as well as its surroundings. As she has a master in History and Art, we invite you to learn a little bit more about Paris history, culture, traditions and artistic life and to explore those places that only Professional Tour guides might know.

She has the mission to transmit to you her knowledge, her love for this moveable feast that we call Paris!

Cinthia and I have a very good experience with jewish tours of Paris. We love working together.

Cinthia shows big passion for our Jewish and French culture. She has mastered the Jewish history and the jewish heritage of Paris thanks to her intensive trainings with me, on my tours and learned from my experience.

I highly recommend her

See you soon in Paris!

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