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Flora Goldenberg

Born in Paris, Jewish French tour guide

Flora Goldenberg - Happy Jewish Tour in Paris - Family Friendly

Flora is a professional Tour Guide specialized in the Jewish Walking Tours in Paris.

She obtained her License, after studying History and Art in the prestigious Sorbonne University for 5 years, that’s why she can tour in all museums and monuments of the city like the Louvre, Versailles, Orsay and many more.

Parisian, born and raised in a Jewish Family in Paris, in le Marais.

The Jewish Quarter of Paris is her Home: She is actually the granddaughter of Joe Goldenberg, owner of a famous restaurant in le Marais : Rue des Rosiers “Pletzl”.


Her mother Léontine is a tour guide in Paris as well, she inspired her to do Jewish tours.

She started working on her own tours at a young age.

Picture of Flora guiding Leontine in the Louvre

Now Flora is 33, she organised Tours, Shabbat dinners, Seder, Yeshiva Week vacation in Paris, she is in charge of bookings for Kosher food tours, dinners in Kosher restaurants, she can answer questions about Paris, its museums, its synagogues.

Flora assists visitors in planning their trip to enjoy Art and learn about the Jewish History in Paris.

Read what Jerusalem Post wrote about Flora Goldenberg 

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Jewish Tour guide in Paris, she can tour in English / French / Hebrew

Livia is on the right, she is a Jewish tour guide in Paris for the Jewish History.

Livia tour guide in belvedere Paris

Livia is a passionate tour guide in Paris, specialized in the Jewish tour in Le Marais. 

She speaks English, French and Hebrew. She learned a little bit of Yiddish and German as well. 

Born in Israel to an American father and an Israeli mother,  Livia is living in Paris for more than 30 years. She came here just for a few months to study the French language and fell in love with the city and with history. A few years later she graduated from university, with a PhD in history, and became specialized in Portuguese Judaism and the history of the Marranos. 

Born into a family of musicians, History and art are two of Livia’s passions. She always tried to combine them in her personal and professional life. She was working for 10 years in the Museum of the Holocaust in Paris, Memorial de la Shoah in the cultural activities department, organizing screening of movies, encounters on books, symposiums, concerts, book fair… 

Besides her research, Livia is collaborating for many years with a publisher house in which she publishes essays, translates, and for which she also organizes cultural events, relating books, history and knowledge, to various form of art including music, theater, cinema… and recently, she curated a traveling exhibition (20 panels) on the fascinating history of the Jewish Portuguese Diaspora which implanted all around the world from Lisbon to Goa, through Italy, France, Amsterdam, London, Hamburg, the ottoman empire, but also Brazil, the Caribbean and New Amsterdam which became New York!

Livia Jewish tour guide in Paris for jewish quarter Paris tours

Infatuated with the city of Paris, eager to meet people, learn from them and extremely fond of being in contact with curious travelers : families with children, adolescents, or grown-ups with a desire to learn more about their Jewish origins, Livia loves to convey History in a vivid and enjoyable way, such as our Jewish walking tours in Paris in Le Marais and her special chocolate tour in Paris and her new 2022 Jewish tour in Jewish Belleville.

For B2B :

Livia organizes exhibits for city halls, museums and cultural events.

She writes articles about the Jewish history.

Today, her passion is to guide and to share her knowledge in Paris city.

Livia wrote some articles about the Jewish History that you can read here.

Livia organizes all the jewish walking tours of Paris with Flora Goldenberg – Contact :


alix jewish Paris tours

Alix is a gratuate from the Ecole du Louvre. 

Thanks to her license as a Guide-Lecturer, Alix offers quality guided tours in several national museums and cultural institutions in Paris, such as the Louvre, D’Orsay, Versailles Palace, the Picasso Museum or the Palais de Tokyo, in Paris and in Orléans.

Jewish Tour Guide in Paris, she can tour in English & French.

As a grand-daughter of a Parisian survivor, Alix focused her researches on places linked to World War II’s Memory : le CERCIL-Musée Mémorial des Enfants du Vel d’Hiv in Orléans : the Museum – Memorial of the Children of the Vel d’Hiv, the Mont-Valérien and the Mémorial des Martyrs de la Déportation : National Memorial for concentration camps Victims. 

For nine years, Alix has been working as a guide and a education coordinator for the Holocaust Memorial, in both sites Paris and Drancy. 

She is passionate about the Jewish history of France, the jewish culture and art, and loves to share her family stories and her personal interests with her audience. 

Alix & Flora Goldenberg


Jewish and Parisian Tour Guide, Ben can give you a tour in English / French / Hebrew

Picture of benjamin zagzagn jewish tour guide in Paris next to as de falafel

Benjamin is one of the rare Jewish Parisians who is a tour guide, born and raised in Paris, graduated from Sorbonne University, like myself.

When he was young he played yiddish music in our family’s restaurant in le Marais, Rue des Rosiers, and then we worked together in the Shoah Memorial. I trust him with his training and that’s why we teamed up to do the jewish tours.
After working with Benjamin in the Shoah memorial for more than 4 years, I found out that he studied management and economics at Dauphine University and he graduated in Jewish Studies at l’Alliance Israélite Universelle in Paris and at Paideia the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Stockholm, Sweden.
Benjamin has been working as a tour guide for 7 years in Paris and specifically at the Shoah Memorial of Paris. He is also working as an expert in Judaica for an art auction in Paris.

Louvre Covid19 2020 Paris Tour Guide Ben Jewish Louvre Tour

Benjamin worked abroad in several countries including The United-Kingdom, Belgium, India and Sweden but according to him Paris is the Paradise ! He is very polite and kind, smart and interesting, agile as a tour guide and he takes his time to share his knowledge, his passion and love for his city with others.
Benjamin really likes Music, he plays yiddish instruments, he studies history, antics, and jewish arts. He participated in auctions and invested lots of his time in reading about the secrets of the Jewish history of France and the world.
Here is a link to see his work, but it is in French, you can use google translator : 
Benjamin Jewish Tour guide for Judaica auctions:

Benjamin Jewish Tour guide for Judaica auctions

Ben on the right : During a Small Group Jewish Tour of Paris

Ben jewish tour grouped tour paris

You can read this nice article that one of my visitors wrote about his visit with Ben :

Benjamin Jewish Tours Paris

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Highly recommended Professional Tour Guide for the Museums of Paris 

Speaks Perfect English & French

Emma Izraël - Paris tour Guide - Tour guide
One of the best for the Louvre Tour

Emma holds qualifications in Art History from University College Dublin and La Sorbonne. Her innovative masters research focused on how Egyptian themes were used as propaganda in the public art of Napoleonic Paris.

One thing her research highlighted is that art, architecture and historical events don’t happen in a vacuum and it is only when you start looking at them in context that they really come to life.

She is a great story teller and communicator

Treasure Hunt in the Louvre

Emma has a passion for storytelling and so stories are central to the way she talks about history.

She is amazing with kids, she grabs their attention during her Treasure Hunts that she developed herself.

Kids learn better and retain the stories and the knowledge during the treasure hunts of the Louvre

I recommend her vividly for Treasure Hunts with Families !


She has worked as an educator and researcher at various cultural organisations and museums in France, Ireland and the UK – including the Louvre, Orleans House Gallery and the Arts Service of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, where she managed a dynamic team of educators and designed educational programs for a wide range of age groups and backgrounds.  She currently lectures in Museum Studies at the Sorbonne Nouvelle.

Emma Izraël - Paris tour Guide - Tour guide

Jewish from her Father

Emma is Jewish from her Father and her Grandfather’s name, before the Shoah, was “Izrael”, then due to assimilation during the WWII , her grandfather fled France to go to Ireland and changed his name to Durand.

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Jewish Tour guide in Paris, he can tour in Hebrew / English / French

Eden during the Jewish tours of Paris Le Marais

Eden is a tour guide in Paris, specialized in the Jewish tour in Le Marais. 

He is a translator and a Hebrew teacher in Paris. He learned to speak a little Yiddish and German. 

He plays Klezmer Music, in Parisian bars and Coffee shops, he mastered the clarinet instrument. Born in Israel, in a Kibboutz in the Neguev, until the age of 8 surrounded by the warmth of the collective life, before he moved to Kfar-Saba, a city not far from Tel-Aviv.Eden’s passion began when he studied philosophy in Jerusalem, seeing everyday from the window of the classroom : the amazing Old City, a labyrinth of history, religion and culture. Knowing that every monument, every church or synagogue have their own history, he quickly started learning about these fantastic and mystical places.

The growing interest for Jewish history came him after he moved to Paris where he got to know and work with the Jewish community in this beautiful city, starting in the Shoah Memorial as an official tour guide.After living a few years in Paris, he started realizing that the Judaism of today is inextricably related to its diasporic existence and heritage. and the Jewish heritage of Paris is of one of the richest and the most diverse !

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For an authentic experience, I will always recommend for you a Jewish Tour guide for my number 1 tour : Jewish walking tour of Paris.

See you soon in Paris!

Flora Goldenberg

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44 reviews on
Douglas Shelling
Douglas Shelling
October 9, 2022.
We loved the program. Livia, our your guide, was wonderful, and extremely knowledgeable. Livia's tour was one of the most memorable parts of our visit to Paris.
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Scott Richardson
Scott Richardson
September 26, 2022.
This was a highly informative and educational tour of La Marais, the Jewish quarter. Alix brought some personal aspects to the tour, since her great grandmother was taken while she was pregnant, but survived, thus allowing Alix to be born. We went to the Memorial to the Martyrs of the Deported, which is a very foreboding experience, particularly as you enter and go from the light into the dark. The Shoah Memorial is also moving, especially the walls of names of people who were taken, grouped by year. Inside, there is the children’s memorial, which has thousands of photos of children who were taken, some less than a year old. We were shown a hidden synagogue, which for some reason was not located by the Nazis, allowing Parisian Jews to worship. There are many other interesting sites and stories. We ended at a very popular area of eating establishments during lunchtime. We had a delicious meal. We highly recommend this tour.
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Nili Kivko
Nili Kivko
August 22, 2022.
Flora was a great tour guide, she new how to get the kids involved and guide us through the louvre seamlessly. It's expensive, but as a one off thing, definitely worth it.
Read more
john beirne
john beirne
July 11, 2022.
Our family absolutely loved this walking tour and we've subsequently recommended it highly to all of our family and friends back home in Australia. We gained so many insights into the rich history of Paris' Jewish community and the significant and changing role that community has played in the city's evolving and complex social and political environments. The tour was perfectly paced and Flora's engaging style and first hand knowledge of the subject matter, the diverse streetlife and local architecture, as well as the amazing range of wonderful local cafes, bakeries and restaurants was amazing. This half day walking tour was an absolute highlight of our trip to France.
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Susan Krigel
Susan Krigel
June 14, 2022.
Our Jewish walking tour was wonderful. Flora was very responsive in helping us set up our tour. Our tour guide, Livia, was friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable. We really expanded our understanding of Jewish life in Paris.
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Rush Smith
Rush Smith
May 18, 2022.
Flora worked magic and created a custom private tour for my wife and me minding our ages (60s, 70s) and the hot day. She is charming, highly educated in the arts and knows Paris' Jewish history. In a fantastic 11 days in Paris, it was the highlight of our trip.
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Michael Edidin
Michael Edidin
March 31, 2022.
Flora is an outstanding guide. Energetic, knowledgeable and friendly she took us on a wonderful tour of the Louvre.
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Marian Ungar Davis
Marian Ungar Davis
March 28, 2022.
Thanks to Flora Goldenberg’s charming and expert guides, my 16yr old granddaughter and I delighted in learning the history of Jewish Paris in Le Marais. She also scheduled a fine car and driver to transport us safely around the city & to the airport. We are most grateful!
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Tamar Daniel
Tamar Daniel
December 12, 2021.
Had the pleasure of touring the louvre with Flora on a 20th anniversary trip to Paris with my husband. We asked for the Jewish highlights tour and Flora was on point! Abundent knowledge but never dull- she kept a great pace for us while allowing flexibility to speed over the areas we found less engaging and dive deeper where we wanted to learn more. Highly recommend! Flora is a skilled, generous and compassionate tourguide. She even helped us find our way back to where we were staying and answered all our questions on where to shop!
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Avi Shteingart
Avi Shteingart
August 18, 2021.
Flora arranged a tour of the Jewish area of Paris with her associate Chantal. We went with another couple and it with incredibly informative and enjoyable. Chantal really brought the area to life, with many of her own experiences, but also a history and an understanding of Jewish life in Paris and France both in the last 1000 years and currently. She immersed us in the culture that existed and answered all questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. Would highly recommend this tour for anyone!! Avi
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