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My name is Flora Goldenberg. I am a tour guide in Paris. I was born and raised in Rue Des Rosiers in Le Marais.

I decided to talk about this special Street, where I work and live, because it has a big significance to Paris history, to the Jewish History of Paris and to my family as well.

What is Rue des Rosiers?

Rue des Rosiers is a curvy medieval and old street of Paris, about 400 yards long. The street is famous. It was elected one of the most beautiful streets of Paris. The street Rue des Rosiers is located right at the heart of Paris. More precisely, in le Marais Jewish Quarter. Rue des Rosiers is where many Jews of Paris live today.

There are at least 4 synagogues and 2 jewish schools around rue des Rosiers.

What does “Rue Des Rosiers” mean?

Rue des Rosier means the Street of the Rose Trees. This street is located next to the old fortification wall of Paris. On the wall, there were many roses growing and making the street beautiful. Today we still see a few rose trees in the street planted by the locals in front of their balconies and by the city, decorating the fronts of the cute boutiques.

You can access a hidden garden and see the roses and the wall of fortification of Paris:

rue des rosiers jewish tour guide paris Flora Goldenberg rue des rosiers


How to access Rue des Rosiers on your own?

It is very easy to come to Rue des Rosiers by cab or by uber. 

If you choose to take the metro then go to Saint Paul Metro:

Jewish Paris Saint Paul Le marais

You will already be in the Jewish area as you can see on the picture.

Then go to Rue Pavé, the synagogue of rue pavé. Take on the left to Rue des Rosiers.

jewish quarter paris metro


What will you see in Rue des Rosiers?

First of all, the beautiful old houses of the authentic preserved Paris. These medieval houses were built by the Parisians 4 centuries ago.

You will also see private hotels and mansion from the 17th century.

Notice the Murciano Bakery, an orthodox bakery with a beautiful front and many delicious pastries from North Africa.

Flora Goldenberg in fron Murciano in rue des Rosiers in Jewish Paris 2021

Right next to Murciano bakery, there is a Jewish Café with live klezmer music and people always singing jewish songs.

cafe des psaumes jewish paris

You will see the Yiddish sign made by the artist Shabi Fiumei.

Jewish Quarter Paris Pletzl Sebestyén Fiumei

Notice also some hidden jewish decoration on the boutique fronts :

and the Yellow boutique that makes Yiddish pastries and yummy sandwiches:

Fikelstein is the yellow boutique in Rue des Rosiers

There is a commemorative plaque for the attacks on the Goldenberg Restaurant.

There are many other commemorative plaques about the deported children during the second war.

There are many jewish restaurants, kosher restaurants and a lively jewish life where people sing and dance, especially before shabbat.


There are so many falafel places: As de Falafel is the best one because they are kosher, they respect shabbat, and they make their own kosher bread.

l'as du falafel jewish paris

The street art of the Hungarian artist Sebestyén Fiumei : He wrote in yiddish “pletzl”

A street art erupted in Rue des Rosiers thanks to Sebastyen Fiumei

Yes, all of this, in just one amazing 1000 feet long street in Paris.

History of Rue des Rosiers

Rue des Rosiers used to be located on a swamp centuries ago, before it became a chic and trendy place.

It was punctuated by many sad events, especially during the occupation of Paris by the germans.

The street of Ferdinand Duval was called the street of the Jews. They of course changed the name since.

Many stories happened here.

It started in the 13th century when the Jews of Paris moved the islands (in the center) to the outskirts of the old city.

They were outcast in the swamp (le Marais means the Swamp).

The street will continue to attract many jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe who escaped antisemitism in Russia, Turkey and other part of the world. They came to Paris to start a new life.

paris nazi jews antisemitism jewish quarter Paris 1945 Paris Jewish Quarter - Rue des Rosiers - under Nazi occupation

They regrouped in le Marais area. During the WWII, the Germans and the Police often came to Rue des Rosier to round-up the french jews and sent them to the camps.

Later in 1982, the street was under attacks :

Today, the street is secured by the police and the army. It is very safe and nothing happened ever since.

You can wear a kippah and walk freely in the street and enjoy the Jewish culture of Paris in total security.

jews of paris rue des rosiers


Join me in Rue des Rosiers

I will make sure to include the Rue des Rosiers in our Jewish Tour of Paris.

If you want to see Rue des Rosiers with me, send me an email : flora.godenberg@gmail.come

Best regards,

Flora – Tour guide in Paris

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