Glatt Sign and kosher sign in Paris – 2019

 My name is Flora Goldenberg,

I am a Licensed Tour Guide who specialized in the Jewish Walking Tours in Paris. In this post below we will see all the Kosher signs in Paris : The Glatt, The Rottenberg, The Beit din of Paris. I will also give you some restaurants for each supervision: Glatt and Kosher.

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Flora Goldenberg in the Jewish Paris

1 – The Glatt Sign in Paris is Blue

Here is the Loubavitch sign for Paris in Blue at the left. This sign is very to see in Paris but it is meant for a Glatt Kosher ritual and hass a very strict supervision.

Glatt Kosher sign for Jewish Loubavitch Paris supervision

2 – The Rottenberg Glatt kosher sign in Paris in White + Black

It is orthodox.

Glatt kosher Sign Paris

Don’t be surprised to see both (the one from Beth Din, and the one from Orthodox community) as in Murciano Bakery below. Sometimes, a restaurant or a bakery is under both supervisions.

The Orthodox community which is based on rue Pavé, in the jewish quarter in Paris Le Marais, is super kosher, so it is fine for the Glatt kosher restaurants in Paris.


3 – The Beit Din Sign is Orange or Red

Here in Paris, you’ll find many different restaurants serving various kosher food.

So here are the signs to look for, if you’re eating kosher in Paris (with the specificities)

Look for this sign: This is maybe not Glatt Kosher – but Kosher. If the sign is big with Orange Color + “Beth Din de Paris” inscription = true Kosher

Kosher sign Paris

This bright orange sign in comes from the Beth Din of Paris, which is regulated by the Consistoire : a major Jewish organisation in France.

This is kosher, but Not Glatt : See the list of Glatt kosher Paris here

Important Note : Some Restaurants in Rue des Rosiers, put the David Star on their storefront or a Mizouza on the boutique restaurants, but this does not mean they are Kosher.

Also, they are often open on Sabbath and in holidays.

You can go and see my map of Jewish Sites in Paris on this link

I am sorry to tell you this: unfortunately, some of the restaurants in Rue des Rosiers are not Kosher and disguise as Jewsih held restaurants.

Even though they write by hand : “Casher” or “Kosher” on their boutique fronts, they have no supervision and they open on Sabbath…

Becareful. Try to spot the Kosher Signs before buying.

The Beit Din de Paris is a big Orange Sign or the Rottenberg or the blue Loubavitch Sign. These signs can not be faked though. To forge a false Kosher sign is punishable by the law.

PS: The real kosher restaurants do not open on Saturday in Rue des Rosiers.

Little story about the competition around Kosher places in Rue des Rosiers

l'as du falafel difference

It is Israeli owned and has 3 competitors/imitators in front of his restaurant : Mivami, Hana, King of Falafel

Address :  32-34, rue des Rosiers   75004 Paris

L’as de falafel means : The Ace of the Falafel. This is where the celebrities like Natalie Portman go to eat a falafel in Paris. They have pictures of everyone who goes there: from movie stars to politicians… All the celebrities faces are on the wall.

What is the difference between l’As de falafel and the other restaurants ?

The difference is mainly in the kashrut observance and can be noticed in the Bread making, in the waiting line and in the ambiance.

1 – L’as du falafel is really Kosher and is owned by Jewish French owners. It closes on shabbat. On shabbath, the other restaurants stay open and try to get their money back, because during the week, everyone goes to l’as du falafel. So, the Jewish style is just a marketing “style”.

2 – L’as du falafel makes its own bread while other restaurant buy a processed industrial bread

3 – L’as du falafel has a very long waiting line while others are faster (of course)

4 – L’as du falafel has a fun Israeli & young ambiance. But it can be loud and very agitated for some people.

To conclude:

It is funny to see that many restaurants are imitating L’as du Falafel who changed it is logo to : “Always imitated but never duplicated”

However, it is pittyful to see that the other restaurants are using fake kosher signs or trying everything to appear Jewish or Kosher but it is not fooling anyone.

  • Pitzman 

This restaurant makes falafels, pizzas, decothe style is a bit everything french casual with pizza with tuna, pasta, grattins, falafel, crepes, soups, fish of the day.

The good points: It is kosher, it has no long waiting line and it has a delicious bread and a very religious (Jewish French orthodox) ambiance inside, but everyone is friendly and welcoming to liberals and non-jews. So if you want to go there as a tourist, you will be welcome.

a pricture of Sam – our driver in Paris – from inside Pitzmann restaurant, his favorite restaurant in the Jewish Paris.

Address :  8, rue Pavée  75004 Paris Phone : 0142711717

  • Rodchenko – Kosher

French-style Kosher restaurant in a small jewish street of Rue des Ecouffes. Tasty food. It is very near l’As de Falafel, few steps away but they are not in competition because the ambiance is very different. In Rodchenko, the seating is more comfortable and the food is french and the restaurant is more elegant.

The kosher bakeries in Rue des Rosiers

Great service, large choice of pastries, sandwiches, quiches, bagels and great coffee place.

They offer both sephardic and ashkenazi pastries !

Address : 29, rue des Rosiers   75004 Paris

  • Murciano 

This is a bakery that you can not miss in Rue des Rosiers. It is an old and esthetic Jewish bakery in my opinion as the owners, originally from Morocco, kept the french ornaments inside, like the in the 19th century.

Address : 18, rue des Rosiers   75004 Paris

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