Get away from Paris with a Driver to get some fresh air


Lets talk about Holidays in France in 2020

France is a very beautiful country and Parisians have the habit to take a train and visit the country side of France every year :

they go to Champagne for tasting, Normandy for fresh air in Deauville…

I personally want to go to Deauville first !

Deauville is only 2 hours of train from Paris , it is very accessible for the Jewish Parisian.

There are many shops and luxury boutiques in this famous little town.

Deauville is a small city build by Parisians for Parisians who want to go the beach : it is the nearest “beach access” for Paris !

deauville day trip from Paris
Deauville – Normandy – day trip from Paris

Deauville is our parents and grand parents favorite renowned resort.

With its oozey style, fancy events : such as the American Film Festival, Horse races, Polo … Deauville is the number one national destination for families living in Paris !

You can go there to enjoy elegant hotels ( for example the famous Normandy Hotel ) , boutiques and restaurants, not forgetting Deauville’s greatest pull, its magnificent beach !

The famous Normandy Hotel in Deauville

Parisians when they fly in France, they go to this little island called Corsica located in south of France, to bathe in the sunny beautiful beaches :

corsica france day trip from paris
picture from Corsica – Corsica is a chic beautiful and clean island located at 1 hour flight from Paris

French people love nature and calm landscapes , they love farms and agriculture, they worry about cliamte change and pollution,

They are likely to take a train and go to Bretagne ( 2 hours from Paris ) for the great food in this region and also the calm :

Bretagne – 2 hours from Paris

They go to surf on the Atlantic coast in Biarritz, which looks like California a little bit : 

Biarritz France day trip from Paris
Biarritz France day trip from Paris – 4 hours by train

I want to explore some regions of France that are so beautiful and I can’t wait to see more of my country and travel again !

From Nice, Normandy, Baux de Provence, Beaune … these cities and villages of France are very charming . 

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