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What business will open first in France ?

How businesses will reopen in France ? 

Today is the 29th April 2020. 

The prime minister of France, Edouard Philippe explained yesterday how businesses will reopen in France and in Paris specifically. 

The plan is presented in a general way : the french government has explained how things evolved, set some goals and suggested some key measures to the National Assembly and then he gave precise dates for these goals. 

Situation in France in end of April 2020

The pandemic situation in France is getting much better according to the government. 

As they measure the gravity of the situation based on the number of deaths of course but also based on the number of beds in hospitals that are available to save people in extreme need, and there are more and more Hospital beds available compared to the spread of the virus in France . 

Challenges for the government

Parisians are generally civic-minded but sometimes they can be defiant, unmanageable ( maybe like New Yorkers … not sure ! ) : they are still holding to their famous “Joie de Vivre” , “La belle vie” , their wonderful life ! they dance in the streets and go out to buy chocolate or just a piece of bread : the baguette !

Jewish Quarter Paris under Quarantine

Jewish Quarter Paris under Quarantine – the rules are respected thoroughly


The government is trying to make people stay at home and respect the rules, but they cant do it in a very strict way with the rebellious french people. 

They also don’t want to appear indifferent, or carefree.


Between these two extremes, the government is looking for the right ways to control the spread without using extreme measures like phone tracing or total lockdown in some countries … 


How the economy is going back to life in France ? 

Before the economy goes back to flowing, the government wants to make sure that french people stay healthy : 

For that, the government is betting on Scientific Research

I think that our government officials are putting all their trust on the french scientists, the medical staff, the solid health care system of France. They are also trying to rely more and more on internet : invent new Mobile Apps using Bluetooth to avoid collecting location data on citizens which is not allowed in Europe. They are also trying Big Data Systems and experimenting new Data Science projects in the top engineering schools of the country such as Polytechnique X, Centrale, Telecom Paris, Mines …

The Institut Pasteur is where French scientists are working on a vaccine and a treatment for the virus.


Intitut Pasteur in Paris has won 10 NOBEL PRIZES !

Medicine tour with a Jewish tour guide in Paris

This is the Medicine Museum of Paris – we can visit this very interesting museum together if you come to Paris

Who is Louis Pasteur ?

Pasteur was a French biologist, microbiologist and chemist renowned for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation and pasteurization. 

He is remembered for his remarkable breakthroughs in the causes and prevention of diseases, and his discoveries have saved many lives ever since.

I have designed a Medicine Tour in Paris if you would like to learn more about Medicine Evolution next time you visit Paris. 

In France, collaboration not competition 

I have noticed that French are showing a lot of solidarity, compassion and empathy during these hard days of quarantine

Example 1 : Data Sharing

The institute researchers are working with other international institutes, in collaboration not in competition, to find a vaccine for the entire humanity. 

They also share their data with everyone in a humble way to exchange ideas and resources.

Example 2 : Jewish Solidarity

For example , a Jewish chef in Paris is offering free kosher meals to the Jewish Doctors and Jewish Nurses fighting the virus , you can read this article on Jerusalem Post :

Paris chef , Ellie Balouka, makes free gourmet kosher meals for Jewish doctors and nurses

“The meals are free for them so they can go to work and say ‘Today I don’t have to prepare my lunch. I don’t have to even think. I know somebody is going to bring me a meal,’” she said.

jewish chef paris ellie balouka

Jewish chef in Paris – Ellie Balouka

I am sure I have too many other examples but I can’t go through all of them in one article !

The Government plan is simple


  1. Protect the french first!
    1. The government made the production of masks more local, more national factories opened to produce masks .
    2. Some people are making masks at home with total accordance to the French Health order.
    3. So they are now capable to offer masks for everyone and they are going to make it compulsory to wear it in public closed spaces ( Train, metro, shops, work … ) 
  2. Test 700 000
    1. They are going to test many people and track the people they were frequenting in case they are positive
  3. Isolate 
    1. If the test is positive, they isolate him/her, either at home or in a hotel
  4. Treat 
    1. Making more beds available
    2. Giving more money to the hospitals
    3. The hospitals in France are holding very well, but the medical staff is tired … 


What businesses will reopen first on 11th MAY 2020 in France ? 


Back to social Life in France :

On the 11th of May, french people will be allowed to move and walk free in their cities. This does not mean they are allowed to do whatever they want. 

They can meet in a party of maximum 10 people if they respect some simple rules of social distancing : cleaning, washing hands …


Reopening spacious shops

Shops are going to open gradually from 11th May. They must make shoppers respect the rules 


Public transportation

They can use public transportation : 

They should leave some seats free, they don’t go all at once in the same bus or train car … 


Big cultural events are still closed

Museums are going to open in a gradual way, some of them will stay closed if they dont have the means to respect social distancing measures .

The good news for you : The museums will be open for fewer people and for those who really appreciate Art ! And no more crowds in front of Mona Lisa for a while !


Jewish Quarter Paris

March 17TH PARIS Murciano Kosher Bakery Jewish Quarter Paris

Hygiene rules are respected by bakery Murciano Paris Rue des Rosiers – a Kosher Bakery in Paris during Covid19 – Jewish Quarter Paris 2020


In my previous article, I showed picture of the Jewish quarter of Paris back to life after 4 weeks of quarantine !

The french Jews of Paris showed a lot of solidarity during Pessah and a great devotion to their city by applying the rules of Social distancing.

Synagogues of Paris during 2020

Jewish holidays Paris 2020

Jewish holidays Paris  2020

Synagogues are going to be open but they should avoid any celebration or gathering of many people ( no more than 20 people ) . This is an important way to go on with life and social relationships, that are so important for some of us during the difficult times.

So let’s respect these health measures and show how french jews are civic-minded ( like we always tried to be during our history in France and everywhere actually ! )

Eden : jewish tour guide in Paris

Eden : jewish tour guide in a Synagogue in Paris

City Hall, Day care, Parks and recreation …

Parks are going to be open if french people “behave” , the exact words of our prime minister …

Schools are going to be back with few students in class 

Day care are going to be open 

Commerce is not open before June 2nd 2020

Malls are going to stay closed

Bars or restaurants are probably going to be back on June 2nd ! if we behave … 

International Situation and comparisons :

The minister said that we should not compare with other countries for many reasons :

  1. Countries don’t count the same way
  2. Some Countries are not transparent about their data  
  3. Countries don’t have the same health budgets
  4. Cities don’t have the same density
  5. Countries don’t have the same health care systems

So it is a vain idea to compare each others instead of helping each others !

The french just want to do the best for their country and for the entire world, and get out of the crisis like everyone else !

Personal Conclusion 

In conclusion, what we must remember , that most of French people are making a lot of effort to stay united during this crisis. They did a wonderful job helping by making masks, making videos, making deliveries to old people … some even helped by just staying at home and respect the rules calmly.

Author Flora Goldenberg – Tour guide in Paris

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Lets talk about Holidays in France in 2020

Holidays in France, in my opinion, is going to be more national and closer to home for French people.

France is a very beautiful country and Parisians have the habit to take a train and visit the country side of France every year :

they go to Champagne for tasting, Normandy for fresh air in Deauville…

I personally want to go to Deauville first !

Deauville is only 2 hours of train from Paris , it is very accessible !

deauville day trip from Paris

Deauville – Normandy – day trip from Paris

Deauville is our parents and grand parents favorite renowned resort.

Deauville is a small city build by Parisians for Parisians who want to go the beach , that’s why it is precisely and mathematically speaking the nearest beach access for Paris !

With it oozey style, fancy events : such as the American Film Festival, Horse races, Polo … Deauville is the number one national destination for families living in Paris !

You can go there to enjoy elegant hotels ( for example the famous Normandy Hotel ) , boutiques and restaurants, not forgetting Deauville’s greatest pull, its magnificent beach !

The famous Normandy Hotel in Deauville

National Tourism is expected in France after covid19

Parisians when they fly in France, they go to this little island called Corsica located in south of France, to bathe in the sunny beautiful beaches :

corsica france day trip from paris

picture from Corsica – Corsica is a chic beautiful and clean island located at 1 hour flight from Paris

French people love nature and calm landscapes , they love farms and agriculture, they worry about cliamte change and pollution,

They are likely to take a train and go to Bretagne ( 2 hours from Paris ) for the great food in this region and also the calm :

Bretagne – 2 hours from Paris

They go to surf on the Atlantic coast in Biarritz, which looks like California a little bit : 

Biarritz France day trip from Paris

Biarritz France day trip from Paris – 4 hours by train

I want to explore some regions of France that are so beautiful and I can’t wait to see more of my country and travel again !

From Nice, Normandy, Baux de Provence, Beaune … these cities and villages of France are very charming . 

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It is possible to organize day trips to these beautiful regions, depending on your wishes, we will choose the best option together:

Contact me to go visit France Regions with a driver and a guide, during your next stay in Paris. 

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