Jewish Quarter Paris on April 17th 2020

End of quarantine is soon : 11th May 2020

The official date of the endoof the Lockdown is finally announced by President Macron to be the 11th May 2020 in France

The french plan to go back to “normal life” is going to be presented by the news on Tuesday 28th April

Today was a beautiful sunny day in Paris

I think April has never been so beautiful and sunny recently. Staying in quarantine is of course more difficult for everyone.

I am lucky, because 2 of my favorite bakeries stayed open in the Jewish area where I live.

One of them is called Muriciano. They make the best sephardic pastries, with almond paste and covered in honey !

The other one is called Florence Kahn.

Their Hallots are the best in Paris I think !

And I also love the pastrami sandwiches (great option for the day when I’ll be tired of cooking !)

Also, my grandmother used to make the same almond cookies that they have there.

So I buy some every week for Shabbat, as a nice tradition !

The streets are quiet around lunch time and after lunch too (nap time !), but around 4pm it is a complete different atmosphere.

Parisians with dogs, parisians with children, the couples or the elderlies … Eveybody feels like walking a bit. We practice the social distancing of course. But we also stop, and chat.

We know each other more and more in the neighborhood now, as we see each other everyday at 8pm, when we stand at our windows and applaud.

I have learned many of my neighbors names in the past few weeks.

other Parisians went out for ice cream !

At 4pm, too many people were out.

As we were walking, I noticed that there were more people heading towards the direction of Place des Vosges, one of the most beautiful square and park of Paris.

I quickly found out what happened !

Amorino, a famous  flower shaped ice creams shop was open for the first time since the quarantine started. The line was long, and people looked very happy , even with something as simple as getting an icecream on a sunny sunday afternoon !

Little pleasures in life. Back to the basics.

As in France , from May 11th onward, quarantine will be gradually lifted (starting with day cares, pre shcools and primary schools, or shops), the Parisians seem more than ready to get some of their liberty back !

If the ice cream place Amorino is great, there are other amazing ice cream places that you can check out,  if you’re planning your next trip to Paris as soon as travelling is possible :

Rue des Rosiers, Le Marais
Author : Flora Goldenberg – April 17th 2020 in the Parisian street of Rue des Rosiers, Le Marais

The Crafstmen Competition of France

Une glace a Paris, ( an icecream in Paris) with award of the best ouvrier de France for ice cream :

it is a very serious crafstmen competition in France, where every breadmaker, cheesemaker, icecream maker, chocolatier … they all compete to be the number one in their Art.

when a craftsman win a medal in France, or in his city, he wins the trust of the french consumers right away !

They rush to taste his product, and he wins more money by being the best !

Best cheese maker of France 2015
Example : the Best cheese maker of France 2015

Here are some good adresses I can take you to when you to Paris :

Famous Italian gelato, Grom

Renowned sorbets on Ile Saint Louis, called Berthillon

Some of my favorites are in Pozzetto














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