Jewish History at the Pantheon of Paris

Discover the Jewish History on the Left Bank of Paris

Pantheon of Paris

The Pantheon in Paris is one of the monuments that we will visit during our tour, while exploring the Latin Quarter area on the Left Bank.

Originally planned as a church the Pantheon became a burial place, for all the Great Men of France. On its front, you can read : “to its Great Men, the Grateful fatherland”.
Inside of the Pantheon (named after the Greek Temples to all the Gods) are resting French remarkable people, such as Victor Hugo, Pierre and Marie Curie, Votlaire, Rousseau.

Simone Veil Pantheon Jewish French Activist Honored by the State of France on 2018
Simone Veil – inside of the Pantheon  2018

 some of the Important People in the Jewish History of Paris

You can also discover the tombs or cenotaphs of Jewish French personalities, or non Jews who played a significant role for the Jews or during WWII.

Emile Zola :

French writer in the 19th century, Emile Zola wrote an article called “J’accuse”, to defend a Jewish artillery captain in the French army, called Alfred Dreyffus. The Dreyffus affair was a scandal, as Dreyffus was falsely accused of betrayal during the Franco Prussian war.
The Dreyfus affair deeply divided France, not just over the fate of Dreyffus, but also over a range of issues, including politics, religion and national identity. Through the story of the man and his trial, I will help to understand how antisemitism in France grew in the 19th century

Simone Veil :

Deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau at 17 years old, this young woman survived the Holocaust and the Death Marches.

Simone Veil (born Jacob) became a successful lawyer and politician (as a Minister of Health, member of the European Parliament … )  who fought her whole life for the memory of the Holocaust, for women’s rights, or as a European activist. She had an incredible career, and wrote about her life in different books. One of them is called “Une Vie” (“A life”). She is one of my personal Heros.

Simone Veil The need to Testify French jewish activist 2018 pantheon Paris
Simone Veil – “The need to Testify” – is a French Jewish activist – Buried on 2018 in the Pantheon of Paris

Jean Moulin :

If you had to name one figure of the French Resistance, it would probably be Jean Moulin, as he was the first President of the National Council of the Resistance during the War.

Alfred Dreyfus 1894 - his Affair is a complex miscarriage of justice and antisemitism. The role played by the press and public opinion proved influential in the conflict.
Alfred Dreyfus 1894 – his Affair is a complex miscarriage of justice and antisemitism. The role played by the press and public opinion proved influential in the conflict.

He arrived in London in September 1941 and he met General De Gaulle. De Gaulle trusted him and the network that he already created in France since the beginning of the occupation, and he assigned him to coordinate and unify the many Resistance Groups.
Arrested in June 1943 during a meeting with other Resistance leaders, he was tortured by Klaus Barbie, also known as “the butcher of Lyon”. He died on a train heading to Germany.

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