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Flora Goldenberg – All steps to become a Tour guide in Paris

Hi, I am Flora Goldenberg. I am a professional tour guide in Paris. I obtained my license to guide in all museums of Paris from the prestigious Sorbonnes University of Paris 3rd arrondissement.

The job of Tour guide in Paris is wonderful : You meet new people every day, you get rewarded for something you really enjoy, you teach kids and adults about Art and history and you always work in beautiful places : like the Louvre, Versailles, Orsay …

Flora Goldenberg - Happy Jewish Tour in Paris - Family Friendly

Flora Goldenberg – Professional Tour Guide in Paris

Here is all the steps that I accomplished to become a skilled tour guide in Paris.


1. Apply for a State certifying training for Guide Conferencier

search for this License on the official Tourism Website of Paris :


2.  Training

1 year of training, you will need to prove yourself as one of the best guides in class, as the certifications are very limited , especially in Paris


3. Pass the exam and the interview

The exam is to test your knowledge in history and art. The interview is to test your oral communications skills.

Who can apply for a Tour Guide Job ? 

At least Baccalaureate  + 2 years of training in Art Major and history of france

Resident in France ( French and foreigners ) can apply for the training.

A diploma in History of Art is a bonus if you want to make it to the top.
The Professional license will be limited to 25 people will be allowed to submit an application:
– Holders of a national diploma or state sanctioning two years of study after the baccalauréat, in one of the following areas: History, Art History, Archaeology, Art Education, Communication, Languages ​​and Tourism BTS
– People involved or not in the labor force after validation of their studies, work experience or personal achievements.
Conditions of admission
Each candidate fulfills an administrative and educational file. Applicants whose applications have been selected are invited to an oral interview with the managers of the training that assess their personality, motivation and language level.
Following the talks, an educational committee reviews the candidates selected.
application file to download on the SESAME website in mid-April 2013.

Skills needed

fluent in English and French. Basic Knowledge in a third language.


In terms of knowledge:
The objective of this training is to provide a generalist and multidisciplinary quality education to the acquisition of a solid general knowledge on issues related to heritage tourism and regional development.
– Transmit learners knowledge of French and European heritage and to provide the appropriate means to seek, understand and return it.
– Acquire and master the research methodologies.
– Top up the level of language to make it operational in the visits comment.
– Provide learners with the communication tools.
– Ability to develop circuits, routes, city visits to determine the essential parameters (customer, product, transport, service delivery, cost …)
In terms of knowledge:
The objective is to prepare and train future professionals capable of working at different territorial levels,
– Learning methodology softwood comment in architecture, painting, sculpture
– Learn how to manage a group
– Provide the necessary resources for learners to become competent and effective professional, compelling cultural ambassador.

Outcome :

Certification that enables guiding in museums and Versailles for example

Career opportunities :
The tour guide profession is part of regulated professions governed by the Tourism Code. To do this job, you must hold a professional card guide-lecturers. This card is issued to persons holding a certification that sanctions the Professional License of tour guide.
Employers may hire the speaker guides are:
– Public structures: Cities and Countries of Art and History
– Local authorities: Tourist Offices and tourist offices
– Private companies: agencies or tour operators

I hope this helped ! Send me your questions by email :

Tour Guide Paris - Flora Goldenberg - 2019

Tour Guide Paris – Flora Goldenberg – 2019

See you soon !

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