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טיול יהודי בשכונת מארה בפריז – Eden specialized in the Jewish tours Paris Le Marais

Eden : Tour guide for the Jewish Paris Quarter

Eden is a tour guide in Paris, specialized in the Jewish tour in Le Marais.

He is a translator and a Hebrew teacher in Paris. He learned to speak a little Yiddish and German.

He plays Klezmer Music, in Parisian bars and Coffee shops, he mastered the clarinet instrument.

Born in Israel, in a Kibboutz in the Neguev, until the age of 8 surrounded by the warmth of the collective life, before he moved to Kfar-Saba, a city not far from Tel-Aviv.

Eden’s passion began when he studied philosophy in Jerusalem, seeing everyday from the window of the classroom : the amazing Old City, a labyrinth of history, religion and culture. Knowing that every monument, every church or synagogue have their own history, he quickly started learning about these fantastic and mystical places.

the growing interest for Jewish history came him after he moved to Paris where he got to know and work with the Jewish community in this beautiful city, starting in the Shoah Memorial as an official tour guide.

After living a few years in Paris, he started realizing that the Judaism of today is inextricably related to its diasporic existence and heritage. and the Jewish heritage of Paris is of one of the richest and the most diverse.

So, he learned a lot from Paris with Flora on the famed Jewish tour. Eden shares his stories with great passion.

Eden on Jewish tours paris Le Marais-
Eden on Jewish tours Paris in Le Marais

 #1 Tour : The Jewish Walking Tour in Le Marais Neighborhood Paris 

Duration : 3 Hours – Languages : English  + Français 

The tour is about the history and the life of the Jews in France since the Romans and during the middle ages to Now.

You’ll hear stories of anti judaism, and see places related to the history of the Jews during that time.

Then we’ll talk about the history of the Jews after they were expelled from France in 1394, at the French Revolution, and during the 19th century. You’ll hear about the famous stories of when antisemitism was developed, at the same time as when the Jews were assimilating in France and great wealthy families became very successful in France (the Rothschilds, the Camondos…)

We’ll continue to explore the history in Le Marais, the Jewish area, which is a beautiful old part of the city. We will visit one or two synagogues (depending on the opening day and time), see commemorative plaques for WWII, talk about the occupation of Paris, while discovering the cute narrow streets of le Marais, it’s lively cafés and bakeries, it’s schools and parcs. On the way you’ll also see some private mansions built in the 17th century. The tour can end at the holocaust memorial  (free entrance) which is also situated in the Marais.

While walking in the paved narrow streets of Le Marais, you will learn about the history of the Jewish communities in Paris, for more than 2000 years. We will talk about the history of the Jews in the Middle ages, when they were persecuted and expelled from the country in 1394. We’ll talk about the time of the French Revolution, and the occupation of Paris during WWII, and you will have the chance to discover some hidden places that only a local can know about.

*For Individuals or Couples who want to join a grouped tour and share the price ( Free for Children ) , click here

* This Tour is the same tour as Flora, available with me in Hebrew, English, French

 #2 Tour : Visit the Holocaust Memorial of Paris & Drancy

Duration : 3 Hours –  Languages : English  + Deutschעִברִית + Français 

The Shoah Memorial of Paris is located in Le Marais and was inaugurated in 1956. The Memorial is the symbol of the transmission of the memory and lessons of the Shoah.

Like, Flora Goldenberg, I am an official guide in the shoah memorials of Paris and Drancy and I guide the Shoah Tour weekly for Students, Adults, visitors Group.

We will talk about the beginning WWII, the situation in Germany before the war, then the occupation of France, and the deportation of the Jews from France …

Eden on Jewish tours paris
Eden on Jewish tours Paris during a synagogue visit

Reviews on TripAdvisor: 

2018 : Excellent private tour of Jewish Paris : 

“My wife and I had a two-hour tour with Flora’s colleague, Eden. Starting at Notre Dame (not the obvious place to start, but there was a good reason for it, as we discovered) and ending in the Marais, Eden showed us places that we wouldn’t have found on our own and shared his extensive knowledge of Jewish Parisian life and history.

He was engaging and a pleasure to spend time with.

Highly recommend.”

2019 : Visit to Paris with my 21 year daughter

“We went on a three hour walking tour with Eden yesterday and has a wonderful time and learned so much about Paris and it’s Jewish past!!!

Very personal tour that deserves a higher than 5 star rating!!!

Thank you Eden for making our trip to Paris enlightening”

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טיול יהודי בשכונת מארה בפריז

שמי הוא עדן, אני מדריך בפריז, מתרגם ומורה לעברית. גדלתי עד גיל 8, מוקף בחמימות של החיים הקולקטיביים, לפני שהורי עברו לכפר סבא, עיר לא הרחק מתל אביב.

התשוקה שלי להנחות נולדה כאשר למדתי פילוסופיה בירושלים, רואה כל יום מחלון הכיתה את העיר העתיקה המדהימה, מבוך של היסטוריה, דת ותרבות. בידיעה כי כל אנדרטה, כל כנסיה או בית כנסת יש היסטוריה משלהם, התחלתי במהירות ללמוד על המקומות האלה.

התעניינותי ההולכת וגוברת בהיסטוריה היהודית באה אלי לאחר שעברתי לפאריס, והכרתי ועבדתי עם הקהילה היהודית בעיר הזאת. לאחר כמה שנים של פריז, התחלתי להבין כי היהדות קשורה בקשר בל יינתק לקיומו ולמורשתו הגלותית.

פאריס מלמדת אותי סיפורים חדשים כל יום על יהדות ועל עצמי. אני אשמח מאוד לחלוק אותם איתך.

Eden on Jewish tours paris Finkelstein Boutique
Eden on Jewish tours paris next to the Yellow Finkelstein Boutique

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