Livia – Jewish Tour Guide in Paris Specialized in Jewish Quarter Tour of Paris

Livia is a Phd Historian and a fully accredited cultural mediator at the Shoah Memorial. In 2022, her in-depth research shed some light on the Marranos and she became the lead curator of the Portuguese Jews Exhibit in Paris III – Le Marais and Paris City hall.

Livia author curator Jewish History Portugal and France

She works also as a local tour guide in Paris with Flora Goldenberg.

Livia and Flora at the Shoah Memorial monument in Paris

They both specialized in the Jewish tour in Le Marais !

Livia can give the Jewish tour in a fluent and clear American English, French or fluent Hebrew.

 – 1 – The Jewish Walking Tour in Le Marais Neighborhood Paris

Duration : 3 Hours – Languages : English  עִברִית + Français 

Livia will take you in a 3 hours tours to explore the Jewish Quarter located in the heart of Paris, the “Pletzl”, which has been the center of Jewish life in Paris since the 13th century.

While walking in the paved narrow streets of Le Marais, you will learn about the history of the Jewish communities in Paris, for more than 2000 years.

We will talk about the history of the Jews in the Middle ages, when they were persecuted and expelled from the country in 1394. We’ll talk about the time of the French Revolution, and the occupation of Paris during WWII, and you will have the chance to discover some hidden places that only a local can know about.

We will also talk about the actual situation of Jews in Paris and France in general, Today.

During a group tour, Livia can get you inside one beautiful synagogues of the Jewish Quarter with the help of the local community. During a private tour, Livia can give you access to more private synagogues.

You will also discover the Jewish shops, the Kosher bakeries and other Jewish sites.

The group tour includes a quick visit of the Holocaust memorial located at the end of the tour, in Le Marais.

*For private Jewish tours : We can do the short version without Notre Dame, or without the Memorial.

Livia Jewish tour guide in Paris for jewish quarter Paris tours

– 2 – Visit the Holocaust Memorial of Paris & Drancy

Duration : 3 Hours –  Languages : English  + Deutsch + עִברִית + Français 

The Shoah Memorial of Paris is located in Le Marais and was inaugurated in 1956. The Memorial is the symbol of the transmission of the memory and lessons of the Shoah.

Livia is an official guide in the shoah memorials of Paris and Drancy. I guide the Shoah Tour weekly for Students, Adults, visitors Group.

We will talk about the occupation of France, and the deportation of the Jews from France.

*I can include the #1 Jewish walking tour in le Marais Paris, at the end of the Memorial tour ( +2h tour )

*Drancy Memorial is possible to be included with a free shuttle (Sundays at 3 pm only) or by public train or with a professional driver any day ( + 5h tour) 

*In both Memorials, note that the tours are regulated : The memorials allow only tours with the official tour guides of the Holocaust Memorial.

*The entrance is free for everyone in both memorials.

Please ask us by email for the next departures so I can check for you.

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