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The Jewish walking tour in the Marais neighbourhood

3h : 190 € 

We will explore the Jewish neighbourhood in the heart of Paris, the “Pletzl”, which has been the centre of Jewish life in Paris since the 13th century. While walking, you will learn about the history of the Jewish communities in Paris, and you will have the chance to discover some hidden places that only a local can know about. We will discover the Jewish shops, bakeries, bookstores, synagogues. The tour includes the visit of the Holocaust memorial .
At the end of the tour you can stay in the Marais for a good lunch, and maybe try a fresh falafel in the Rue des Rosiers.

*For more Jewish food and more synagogues please consult our jewish paris map

*For Extra Activities like wine & cheese tasting, shopping , visit a Parisian apartement, Discover the Parisian life for one night … Please contact me

The Goldenberg Family : 

My grand father, Jo Goldenberg, was the owner of the famous Chez Jo Goldenberg restaurant. In the restaurant, Jewish delicatessen and food attracted many visitors. 

The restaurant became a symbol of resistance and revival, a meeting place for Holocaust survivors and former resistance fighters and was symbolic of a neighborhood where thousands of eastern European Jews arrived from the late 19th century, and which was the focus of Nazi round-ups during the occupation of Paris in the second world war. More than half of the local Jewish community would die in concentration camps. Read more 

In 1982 it was targeted in a grenade and gun attack in which six people were killed and 22 injured. Read more

It’s been a few years since Jo Goldenberg packed up the business but his namesake lives on as an emblem of Jewish pride here in the “Pletzl”, yiddish for Little Place. Read more 

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